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Introducing Nervana, The Headphone That Gets You High

Over the last days, news was picked up about a headphone startup that had a rather unique selling point. Because next to obviously playing music, these headphones had the capability to let the listeber ‘get high’. On their website, Nervana is being described as a combination of “science and technology to make an ordinary experience extraordinary, [..] by offering a non-invasive, consumer Vagus nerve stimulator that synchronizes with music.” The stimulating pulses are created and delivered via a generator unit that acts as a throughput between the earpieces and the music player. The generator then analyses the music signal and generates electrical ... Read more

Pioneer Introduces New Flagship Headphone

Pioneer is set to introduce a brand new headphone to its extensive DJ gear line. The HDJ-700 is supposed to be a real DJ’s headphone, designed with the intention of being functional in a wide range of situations, from club mixing to home listening.  The HDJ-700, which is to be released in October, comes in a “sleek, lightweight aluminium design”. Regarding sound, the new headphone produces a “crisp and clear sound that’s engineered to strongly reproduce low and mid-level frequencies.” Accurate monitoring Optimised for dance music, the HDJ-700 has narrow ear pads and 40 mm driver units with rare earth magnets that provide “a ... Read more

World Health Organization: Over 1 Billion People Now Risk Hearing Loss

The World Health Organization introduced a report recently where they claim to find strong indications of a staggering number of 1 billion people running the risk of hearing loss, due to excessive exposure to “damaging levels” of sound. An alarming figure indeed, but really no surprise when you take a look at the number of people now making constant use of personal music listening through gadgets like smartphones and tablets through high def headphones – and, more often than not, at a volume that is simply too high to maintain throughout your life. The data in the report was gathered ... Read more