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Brick City Records: The Record Shop Made Out Of Lego

Brick City Records is a tiny record shop made entirely out of LEGO. Built by artist Coop, the mini record shop is also part of a wider city block project that also includes a pet shop and barber shop (although Brick City Records holds the highly coveted street corner space). Inside, you will find all your record shopping personalities from punks to hipster, searching through tiny photoshop decal records from the likes of Bowie, Kraftwerk, Velvet Underground, The Damned, and many more. Brick City Records is a recreation of a record shop of the same name in Athens, Ohio. Check ... Read more

These Eurorack Modular Synth Cases Are Made Entirely Out Of Lego

Lego, is there anything the little coloured blocks can’t do? Every few weeks it seems like we report on a new piece of equipment, or something that is just plain fun, from the famed bricklayers, whether that be a fully functioning turntable, a Glastonbury stage recreation, miniature Moogs, or an analogue techno machine. Now, the rounds are being made with the discovery of Berlin’s Daniel Mueller, who has let the word in on his Eurorack modular synth cases made of, you guess it, Legos. Unfortunately, Daniel is not selling the cases, but he has posted to his flickr page, with ... Read more

Synth Geek Creates Miniature LEGO Versions Of Classic Moogs

Hardware freaks can unite behind a new project from a synth lover who has created two models of classic Moog synthesizers in miniature LEGO form. He has done so in an attempt to convince the famous toy manufacturer to actually start producing these ‘miniMoogs’, so that kids could play around with them and be triggered to an grow an interest in synths and music. Grobie87, the brain behind the project has already mocked up two models, ‘The Model D’ and ‘Voyager Old School’ that accurately depict how he sees LEGO creating the miniature Moogs. He further explains some of the reasons we should all ... Read more

Analogue Lego Machine Creates Driving House Beats

Much like acid, two of the world’s great inventions, house music and lego, have combined to blow your mind. A full on Lego acid music machine, dubbed Play House, is what programmer and artist Alex Allmont has made using Lego Technic to create an incredibly complex analogue kinetic sculpture that plays minimal house music. Play House is a desk-sized installation that produces sounds using complex interconnecting systems. In it, melodies are generated by a dropped basketball that ends in one out of the four slots, after colliding with various pegs down its route. The melodies are based on a sequencer that emulates a ... Read more

LEGO Enthusiast Builds Fully-Functioning Turntable

LEGO never ceases to amaze at its multi-functionality. This was proven again when Korean designer and LEGO fanatic, Hayarobi, designed and built a fully working vinyl turntable out of LEGO blocks. The turntable is named ‘The Planet’ and consists over a couple thousand LEGO pieces inventively stacked together to create this amazing result. Of course there is also a power source involved to get the records spinning; this happens through two special LEGO power batteries. A tube amp connected to the mechanism results in the sound coming of this super cool invention. As it was unveiled at the Seoul Brick ... Read more