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Premiere: Leif Müller - Teleshop [Shtum Records]

After releases and collaborative work coming via Cocoon, Mule Musiq, Mobilee, and more, check out Leif Müllers new EP, with Shtum Records – achieved to stand out. Everything is started with the no-nonsense-Techno track ‘Teleshop’, which is designed for big room pleasures. Sneak in, and get lost in the dance tunnel. ‘Shtum 017’ is available 10 September (vinyl & bandcamp) & 24 September (digital) on Shtum Records

Mix #157 By Konstantin Sibold

Todays mix is brought to you by musician and mastering engineer Konstantin Sibold. Hailing from the South of Germany, Stuttgart to be more precisely, the release of ‘Madelaine’ on Innervisions was his big breakthrough. Born in Stuttgart 1987, Sibold became the youngest resident of the notorious Rocker 33; only two years later he and his long time companion Leif Müller started ‘Common Sense People’. In this event series the focus is on providing an intimate insight into one artist, with extended sets and focused programming, all in line with the mantra of the night – noncomercial, deep and timeless electronic ... Read more