With support coming from Jacques Renault, Horse Meat Disco, James Zabiela, Keinemusik, Soul Clap, Tronik Youth, Nachtbraker, Hrdvsion and more comes “Gated Soul”, the fourth release from London’s Lossy on his Boot Cycle Audio imprint....

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Quarter Series label boss Nachtbraker finally makes his solo debut on the imprint last year’s successful Heist Recordings release. Known for exploring different sounds and angles with his productions, this record is his most club-orientated...

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Amsterdam’s ADE Insiders: Nachtbraker

October 12, 2016 | Amsterdam

Exposure to a wide variety of musical genres is clearly recognizable in the music of Nachtbraker, ranging from ecstatic slow grooves to unconventional dub tracks. Constantly on the move, between touring throughout Europe, Asia and...

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Embedded deep in the Parisian scene is S3A (Sampling As An Art), an artist who aims to produce culturally-enthused music sifted from various sources. Acting under the collaborative moniker ‘Friendship Connection’ alongside fellow Parisian producer Zadig, S3A carved his place...

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Mix #189 By Nachtbraker

February 4, 2016 | Amsterdam

After receiving widespread recognition for books like “How Does He Do It?” and “Glorious Misunderstandings,” Maurits Verwoerd decided to start a career as a music producer. Though few doubted his skills as an artist, most...

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Exclusive Interview with Detroit Swindle

May 26, 2015 | Amsterdam

Even though Maarten Smeets was in advertising and Lars Dales in the kitchen, the duo, also known as Detroit Swindle, had been active in Amsterdam’s local scene individually before their big break as a collaborative. Back then, Lars has...

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Review: Nachtbraker – Janus EP

September 19, 2014 | Amsterdam

The Berlin based family that is named Dirt Crew takes up new infants with every release and is ever growing while celebrating ten years of quality releases this year. In 2004 James Flavour and Break...

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