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Beatport Founding Partner Pens Open Letter To Company

Jonas Tempel, a founding partner and CEO of Beatport from 2002-2010, has written an open letter to his former company, covering much ground and offering advice for its future. In lieu of Beatport’s messy divorce from its parent company SFX Entertainment, Tempel discusses his time with the company, as well as his hope for its future with a variety of suggestions aimed at refocusing Beatport’s original mission. Written with a strong love of electronic music in its tone, Tempel begins by reminiscing on his original love for electronic music, beginning with a 100 person underground rave in 1991 through the introduction ... Read more

Seth Troxler’s Open Letter: On Festivals, Clubbing & Not Being A Cunt

“I’m coming for you, Aoki.” Seth Troxler has written an open letter directed at the entire dance scene. His blunt but God-honest opinion is laid bare in a few paragraphs where he talks about the big difference between clubbing and attending a festival, about giving back to your community and about Steve Aoki and consorts being cunts. All in all, a very nice read that hits the nail on the head. From clubbers to festival goers, from newcomers to old timers and from day trippers to the in-crowd: this concerns all of you. The current state of dance music is crazy. ... Read more