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Dominique Vleeshouwers: “The Crossover Can Only Work If You Know Both [Worlds]”

Tonight, the award-winning percussionist Dominique Vleeshouwers presents his world premiere of “Playground“. A 75 min profound exploration through the world of sounds that took the creator everywhere from the junkyards to the dark corners of the club, the jewels of Asian culture and to the glorious interior of the Royal Concert Hall. Yet another crossover between electronic and classical, however this one is quite different. Armed with everything including every kind of drum and Tibetan bells, to a lap top, synthesizers and drum machines, Dominique and his partner in crime Arend Bruijn took up the challengeĀ of combining the two experiences ... Read more

Take Your Beat Anywhere With This Cardboard DIY Drum Kit

Design company Obilab has turned to Kickstarter with a prototype drum kit aimed to minimize many of the limitations of learning percussion. By creating a drum kit (kick drum pedal and stool, hi-hat, snare and toms) entirely out of a cardboard frame, rice and tuned fiber glass drum surfaces that can fit into a single box, Obilab’s kit is perfect for DIY musicians, buskers, music teachers, and, of course, kids. The item can come in three different versions: an acoustic original version that plays at 10x times quieter than traditional drum kits; an electric version that allows for silent play ... Read more