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Premiere: Polo & Pan - Mexicali (Simple Symmetry Remix) [Ekleroshock]

This one’s already been supported by Solomun, DJ Tennis, Red Axes, Jennifer Cardini, Phred Noir, Tajan Secret, Plaisir de France, Id!r and many more from Ibiza to Burning Man. “Mexicali” EP is available 31 October on Ekleroshock PRE ORDER

Premiere: IAMNOTAROBOT - La Musica [Bordello A Parigi]

The anniversary edition of Bordello A Parigi‘s Riviera Disco compilation comes in the form of its 10th edition. With tracks from the likes of Anazano, Bijou, Flagio M, Kraver, and more, it is ‘La Musica’ from Kosmorama Disco’s IAMNOTAROBOT that we premiere today. “Riviera Disco Vol. 10” is available 22 October on Bordello A Parigi

Premiere: BOg - Jahar (Mathias Schober Remix) [TAU]

Curating their second release on the newly established independent imprint TAU, the Adana Twins showcases Paris-based, Romanian born – BOg. Having released on the likes of Innervisions and Diynamic, BOg’s new ‘Terra EP’ has an other-worldly feel with Innellea and, today’s premiere, Mathias Schober delivering remixes. “Terra” EP is available 19 October on TAU

Premiere: Fringe Society - Dimmet [Wrong Era]

Fringe Society should be a familiar name to anyone who has visited one of its recent Wrong Era parties. Channeling the same slick electronic-funkiness of his DJ sets into four tracks of wildly different music for Wrong Era’s vinyl imprint, this is a record for all occasions that takes in dreamy cosmic-psychedelia, chugging dance-workouts and explosive peak-time bangers. “Youngblood” is available on 22 October on Wrong Era

Premiere: CoastDream – Higher [X-Kalay]

After over a year’s hiatus and much hard labour in the studio CoastDream returns to X-Kalay where he follows up his successful breakthrough record, “Soft Moon”, with the “Shine” EP. Picking up very much where “Soft Moon” left off, this latest offering is classic feel-good CoastDream – sun-drenched house music inspired by the golden beaches of his native Brazil. Here, ‘Higher’ takes listeners back into early CoastDream territory with that signature underproduced sound; big warehouse kicks, sharp percussion, and subby grooves. “Shine” is available 12 October on X-Kalay Soundcloud [soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/deep-house-amsterdam/premiere-coastdream-higher-x-kalay” comments=”true” auto_play=”false” color=”8cd3f6″ width=”100%” height=”166″]

Premiere: Opal Sunn - Phantom [Touch From A Distance]

Opal Sunn are Hiroaki Oba and Al Kassian, two expats from Japan. After releasing two EOs on their own Planet Sundae label, they offer their follow up on Nick Höppner’s new label, Touch From a Distance where they continue to refine their style which displays and exquisite sense of space, melody, movement, and groove. Here, off the “Parallax” EP, ‘Phantom’, favors an Electro beat occasionally kissed by the legendary “Think” break. The vibe is decidedly deep and mellow rounding off an EP which oozes understated confidence and longevity. “Parallax” is available 12 October on Touch From a Distance

Premiere: Panthera Krause - Tropical Redux [Riotvan]

Riotvan‘s second installment of its “Familiar Faces” series encapsulates how the label has evolved into a renowned think tank of likeminded artists and indicator of state of the art sonic bliss. A strikingly coherent body of work made up of label-residents and affiliated folks the compilation brings together the likes of Perel, Black Spuma, Chinaski, New Hook, and Jennifer Touch alongside today’s premiere, which comes from Panthera Krause. Krause’s “Tropical Redux” is a particularly elated affair, carried out by a funked up bassline and a catchy string-theme, sticking its neck out in Disco-realms, while maintaining a primetime-adjusted groove. “V/A – ... Read more

Premiere: TERR - Dust (Curses Remix) [Clash Lion]

Clash Lion celebrates their one year anniversary with its co-founder TERR’s first appearance on the label. With the “Dust”, TERR brings light to a vocal 4/4 electro track, with remixes from fellow label owner, Daniel Watts, Cardopusher and Curses. Here, the Berlin-based New Yorker, Curses, applies a hefty dose of New – Wave, adding extra bounce to the bass and making the vocal super psychedelic. And, don’t forget that TERR will be joining us at ADE on 20 October at the debut DHA FM event. To be held at La Favela Amsterdam, DHA FM will also feature a Degustibus Music ... Read more

Premiere: Nachtbraker - Aliens [Quartet Series]

After a string of acclaimed EPs on Heist, Dirt Crew and Quartet Series, Amsterdam’s Nachtbraker presents “When You Find a Stranger in the Alps”, his first longplayer on his own Quartet Series imprint. “When You Find a Stranger in the Alps”, a nod to Nachtbraker’s favorite Coen Brothers’ movie, is testament to his studio prowess and drive to explore new sonic pastures and styles. The album consists of thirteen tracks, made over the course of 2,5 years in his studio at Volkshotel Amsterdam. Here, off the album, ‘Aliens’ is a choppy, headsdown groover with cheeky UFO-geek samples that wouldn’t be ... Read more

Premiere: Autarkic - Strange Alliances [DGTL RECORDS]

Autarkic is out with a new Ep, that clearly mirrors his exceptional personality. Starting with ‘Strange Alliances’, which begins with a wavey and rhythmic path until the driving bassline and signature trumpet sounds kick in. ‘Strange Alliances’ continues into the hallucinogenic vocals and an acid line that is highly infectious and keeps you in a trance until the very end of the track. ‘Strange Alliances’ is available 5 October on DGTL Records.

Premiere: Cornelius Doctor & Tushen Raï – Kintu [Hard Fist]

The two minds behind Hard Fist, Tushen Raï & Cornelius Doctor, have joined their forces to release the striking “Lights of Khonvoum”, a trippy 5 track EP definitely made for the dancefloor and also featuring remixes from Bawrut and Pletnev. To close out the release, today’s exclusive premiere, ‘Kinto’ is the darkest work of the project. Introduced by a long cosmic wave, the track sprinkled of synth flights and trancy ghost voices. Its acid baseline sounds like an old Jeep’s engine rumbling in the desert, driving you to the end of the world. “Lights of Khonvoum” is available 4 October ... Read more

Premiere: Perel Feat. FRANGIE - Das Auge [Correspondant]

Every summer Jennifer Cardini’s Correspondant imprint celebrates another ground-breaking year with a far-reaching collection. With that time upon us, as always, the collection’s vibe is deep, emotive, and unapologetically cosmic pushing headfirst into the label’s boundary-less soundscape. Ranging from palpitating ambience to chuggernaut technoid trips, “V/A – Compilation 6” is a stirring 16 track set featuring late night creations from old label friends (Red Axes, Zombies In Miami, Mike Simonetti, Moscoman) new ones (Simple Symmetry, Julian Stetter), and kindred spirit label debuts (Black Merlin, MR TC, Yula Kasp & MI.RO). Here, its ‘s one of our favorites, Perel, who teams ... Read more

Premiere: Roger van Lunteren - Vanish (Aroy Dee's Classic Mix) [SoHaSo]

Something Happening Somewhere welcomes Roger van Lunteren for the first time with his “Rosa Dos Ventos” EP. The four-track story oozes retro vibes and nostalgia for a past that never seems to have existed in the first place by utilizing raw 80’s analog synths and humanoid acid lines that remind listeners of Lynchian dreamscapes. Here, it’s Aroy Dee remixing ‘Vanish’ featured. Like taking a psychotropic liquid, adding more drive to the original while retaining the emotive synth patterns. “Rosa Dos Ventos” is available 21 September on Something Happening Somewhere

Premiere: Mike Simonetti - Through The Clouds [2MR]

Mike Simonett, the man behind cult labels Italians Do It Better and more recently 2MR, is back with an Ep ‘Solipism’, a collection of his most creatively accelerated years of his career from 2006-2013. These eight years not only capture his time launching and developing cult melting pot imprint Italians Do It Better, but also what preceded it an set the scene and the controversial fall-out. ‘Solipsism’ is a mixture of metal and chugging dance music and just highlights how unique Simonetti’s imprint on the musical landscape was at the time, and continues to be. ‘Solipsism’ is available 28 September ... Read more

Premiere: Annie Hall - Lavandula [MUSAR Recording]

After more than a decade of deep, expansive productions on labels such as Detroit Underground and CPU, Annie Hall arrives on MUSAR for a record typically rich in texture and understated grooves. The original of ‘Lavandula’ is, in contrast to the package’s Mattheis Remix, is a moodier version that gradually erupts around a killer distorted bassline.