Magneet Electric bringing Amsterdam’s Finest

Some may have naughty ideas that come to mind when thinking of Amsterdam’s finest. We, however, immediately thinks of quality music. Magneet Electric selected some of the finest organizations for you to close the popular ‘Magneet Festival‘, which is around for a month every year. Amongst those you find Cartel, Prisma, Chasing The Hihat, Pleinvrees and us. There is not always need for big names to create a good vibe. Quality artists with talent and potential is what makes a good line up, Magneet certainly brings just that! Having this party at one of the most precious locations in Amsterdam and ... Read more

Next Monday’s Hangover Podcast #002 by Some Chemistry

Some Chemistry lived 10 years of his life in Africa and South America. The experience during these years with different cultures and also music wise brought the rhythm in his system. At the age of 14 he sharpened his sense for melodies and harmony playing as a (bass) guitarist in several indie/punk/rock bands. These days, his electronic productions sound similar to his personality: warm and colorful. ‘The feel’ of music is more important than the quality of the kick, he says. He likes to compare his music with the experience of eating a mango. He is a resident for Next ... Read more