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This Thread Proves Electronic Music Fans Have Always Been Complaining

With all the great things that dance music has to offer there is also comes much internal drama. To be fair, much of this drama is not exclusive to issues of electronic music. Fans have been calling artists sell outs ever since music and business collided, but in the electronic scene there is a particular angst amongst many of its figures:EDM vs underground; RA vs DJ mag; digital vs. vinyl, and that’s just the beginning. With that, a recent Reddit thread caught our eye, in that it proves that we may have been bitching about the exact same things for ... Read more

DJ Asks For Madonna’s Remix Approval In Newspaper Ad

Forget crowdfunding, Twitter campaigns, Facebook movements or any other 21st century way of letting yourself be heard. Sometimes old media will still do the trick (after news of a story like the one below has been picked up by new media, but still); like a good old-fashioned newspaper ad, directed at reaching one person only: Madonna. Yesterday DJ/Producer Nick Deboni placed an ad in the LA Times including a rather large artist shot of himself, and a request towards The Queen Of Pop to grant Deboni permission to remix her track “Devil Pray” – along with links to his Facebook ... Read more