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Premiere: Younger Rebinds - Hite (Original Mix)

Younger Rebinds is a new project and imaginary band by the inimitable and unstoppable Benny Rodrigues. Maybe best-known for his Rod moniker and releases on Klockworks, Rodrigues embodies and keeps the candour, spirit and curiosity that made techno music stand out in its start-up years – and that’s exactly what we have here. The “Retro 7 Ep” makes the most of the classic 707 drum machine, gnarly synths, ambient soundscapes, pianos and organs. Done in a way that is as much new wave, as it is electronic disco. Spread out over a double-pack with eight tracks (8!, get it?), the ... Read more

Premiere: Boris Dlugosch & Cassara - Intervox (Original Mix)

From his DJ years at the legendary Klaus Stockhausen in Hamburg where his tenure became synonymous with the explosion of Acid House in its proto and post incarnations, much can be said about German House royalty Boris Dlugosch. Here, Boris provides the “Traveller EP,” a result of him and Cassara meeting, getting excited about their shared love for classic synths and exploiting the latter’s extensive collection. What you get is today’s exclusive premiere – classic disco, French house, electro-funk, DJ sound effects and fun. “Traveller” is available 26 may on Running Back Records