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Premiere: Sasha Funke - Wake People (Remix)

It’s done. The final, last and endmost volume of remixes for Tuff City Kids’ (aka Philipp Lauer and Gerd Janson) unique debut album Adoldesscent are here. Featuring Sasha Funke with his song Wake People. Something for every taste and for each situation. Tuff City Kids – Remixes Vol.3 is available 10th August SOUNDCLOUD ARTIST PAGE

Kompakt Podcast #001 By Sascha Funke

Today we have a very special mix from the legendary German DJ and Producer Sascha Funke. A kind of techno that sways between the polarity of emotional overload and concrete rationale – hence immediacy, is what Sascha Funke is all about. As a twelve year-old Sascha listens to a lot of euro-dance-pop.His first purchased record after the fall of the wall was “Technotronic Mega Mix”. A couple of years later he makes his first contact with techno and house thanks to Marusha’s radio show ‘Rave Satellite’. Being a regular listener results in Sascha buying his first techno record ‘The Seawolf’ ... Read more