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Exclusive Interview With Jackmaster

With Jackmaster, what you are guaranteed to get is a master selector’s instinct for creating and riding the energy of a crowd. As his star has risen over the past few years, this has been on perfect display at parties from Glasgow to Berlin to New York, and from superclubs such as Berghain and Fabric to legendary underground warehouse parties. At the heart of Jackmaster’s wide-ranging sensibility is a fundamental honesty: he believes in neither following trends nor the concept of guilty pleasures. His commitment to both honesty and energy encapsulates what can make dance culture life-changingly thrilling: it’s about the clubber ... Read more

Straf_Werk Closing Podcast #002 by Mees Dierdorp

The love Mees Dierdorp holds for the entire spectrum of music’s modern capabilities is overtly evident the minute the needle drops on a DJ set, original production or remix. Soulfully warm with interjections of poetry, improvisation and even analogue acoustics, Mees’ driving bass and swinging hi hats have brought him renown around the world, and all within an incredibly abridged span of time. Invitations to the likes of DC10’s Circo Loco have become commonplace in a year that has seen Mees enjoy critical success with his artist album Wild Windows (on his own imprint, a haven for like-minded artists, MEES ... Read more

Straf_Werk Closing Podcast #001 By Cristoph

Like last year on December 30, Straf_Werk will hold its closing party at Transformatorhuis, Westerunie and Westerliefde to close of the year in style, one day before everybody else. For the occasion they have called up a league of extraordinary gentlemen to come and pay tribute to 2014. What to expect? Nothing but the finest local acts – GERD, De Sluwe Vos, Job Jobse, Prunk – and a cool selection of international hotshots as well like George Fitzgerald, Agoria, Patrick Topping and an artist that might not ring a bell just yet, but who has been on the right track ... Read more

Report: Pleinvrees And Straf_Werk ADE Special

Text: Henry Cornwell Photos: Kirsten van Santen The artistic director of Tolhuistuin once told the Wall Street Journal that Noord used to be to Amsterdam what Australia was to England: a place to send criminals, alcoholics, outcasts and miscreants. According to the Journal, today it’s becoming closer to Holland’s Berlin: “still poor in parts… but sexier all the time.” Last Thursday night Pleinvrees and Straf_Werk turned the precinct’s future into its past. De Overkant, until now, has been better known as a convention centre than a dance hall. By matching a stellar international line up with the high roofs and ... Read more

Amsterdam’s Newest Venue ‘De Marktkantine’ Shows High Potential

“We want people from all different ages, cultures and clusters in the city to come here and, in one way or another, enrich themselves culturally” Photos by: Timo Steenvoorden Photography This week we went over to Amsterdam’s newest venue to have popped up in the city: De Marktkantine. In the Western area, right next to the Food Center, there lies a multifaceted building that carries a lot of history with it. Built in the early the 20th century, as a canteen for the market salesmen that were working right nextdoor, De Marktkantine (formerly known as Marcanti) went through  countless destinations starting ... Read more

ADE Event Special: Germany’s Finest

It won’t be long before Amsterdam and its club scene will be under the spell of the mighty ADE. The Amsterdam crowd will meet those from abroad, all joining forces over a span of five mezmerising days full of cool daytime events, seminars, networking possibilities and of course, 300+ parties to choose from during the late (and early) hours. But with so many events, we thought it was a good idea to give some guidance as to what are the best events in a specific theme or sound. To kick off our ADE Event Special we give you the best German-flavoured ... Read more

Pleinvrees Straf_Werk ADE Special Podcast #001 By Oliver Schories

On the 16th of October during ADE, Pleinvrees & Straf_Werk will join forces for a unique getaway. De Overkant, which is an old ship-manufacturing hall will, will then open its doors for the first time as its new destination: a clubber’s paradise.  Whether it’s behind the turntables or in the Studio, Oliver likes versatile, techno infused tracks with room for deep elements as well as pure dancefloor work. His style is warm and subtle but at the same time very energetic. With releases on „Ostwind Records“, „Parquet Recordings“ and „Musik gewinnt Freunde“ Hamburg-based Oliver Schories finally found his home in 2010 after ... Read more

On Repeat for Straf_Werk Podcast #011 By Tensnake

After a memorable edition last August, Straf_Werk Festival is back again this year at Sportpark Riekerhaven. Those attending can expect to dance and chill to their heart’s desire and enjoy the range of cookery found at the diverse range of food stands. Topping the line-up among others is German-born Tensnake. The disco enthusiast with a love for the more funky side of house music. Check out his mix to get into the right zone for Saturday. Funk inspirations Born in Hamburg in 1975, Marco Niemerski grew up listening to disco, soul, boogie, funk and the finer cuts of 80s pop, ... Read more

Exclusive Interview With BrEaCh

Ben Westbeech aka Breach is an Englishman who does not sit still. He started off his career as a singer and songwriter with two jazz/house albums under his own name, after which he took on producing dance music under several names. It was with the release of Jack in 2013 that the 33-year old producer exploded sky-high, making Breach the new talk of town, city and web, reaching high positions in commercial charts worldwide. Since then everyone seems to want to work with him, and he’s been gigging all over the world trying to keep up with time. For the ... Read more

Exclusive Interview with Tensnake

We had a nice sit down with Tensnake upon his gig at Straf_werk Festival on Saturday the 23th of August. The disco enthusiast with a love for the more funky side of house music, will close the main stage amongst other big names like Jamie Jones and KiNK to name a few. Most known for his popular ‘Coma Cat’ release, he also produced his first Album earlier this year with more versatile music, like we haven’t heard from him before. We spoke about the interesting collaborations and how he was as a little kid in school.. “Playing Main Stage means ... Read more

Exclusive Interview With Finnebassen

“I want my listeners and the crowds I play for to feel something.” Finnebassen is one of the perfect examples that any bedroom producer can climb onto the dance music scene and preserve a status quo. Ever since his release “If You Only Knew” on ElectroniqueUK back in spring 2012, Finnebassen acclaimed the international attention as the track climbed the tops and charts for the entire summer. Soon enough the Norwegian’s sound absorbed the ears of labels like Noir Music, Defected, Get Physical Music, Culprit, Supernature or Poesie Music. Even the white Isle of Ibiza got mesmerized by his sound ... Read more

Straf_Werk Festival Stages: Trappenhuis

With an immense line up announced a while back, plans are in motion for this year’s edition of Straf_Werk Festival and we find ourselves right in the middle of it. We’re digging deep into the stages at Straf_Werk Festival to assure that you’ll fully be aware of the surrounding sounds and melodies during the entire festival. The festival is rounded up with a total of four stages and since the wait is almost over we’ll tease you just a bit more. The third stage of Straf_Werk Festival oaths its visitors to a tireless mind activity accompanied by sound and bizarre ... Read more

Straf_Werk Festival Podcast #010 By Waifs & Strays

After a memorable edition last August, Straf_Werk Festival is back again this year at Sportpark Riekerhaven. Those attending can expect to dance and chill to their heart’s desire, and enjoy the range of cookery found at the diverse range of food stands. On the line-up there are two distinguished gentlemen hailing from Bristol, UK: Waifs & Strays. Waifs & Strays are a duo born out of diverse musical backgrounds but brought together by a love of house music, pure and simple. A decade in house music has seen one of the two promote and DJ at some of Bristol’s most influential ... Read more

Straf_Werk Festival Podcast #009 By PONY

After a memorable edition last August, Straf_Werk Festival is back again this year at Sportpark Riekerhaven. Those attending can expect to dance and chill to their heart’s desire, and enjoy the range of cookery found at the diverse range of food stands. Like last time around, the line-up is pretty damn impressive, with a mix of international headliner DJs and up and comers from around and abroad, treating Amsterdam to some extraordinary sets at the three different stages. Jamie Jones, Âme, Tensnake, Agoria, KINK, Breach, Huxley and Ten Walls will be the headlining all-stars of the show. The music of Kevin ... Read more

Open Air Podcast #002 By Dale Howard

After three sun-soaked editions, Amsterdam Open Air will again return this year at Gaasperpark. In the first week of June you can enjoy the diverse musical, culinary and cultural programming. Of course there’s also the possibility to stay the night over (or dance the night through) at the camp site. This year Open Air will take place during Pinksteren-weekend, so that means there’s no need to take it slow on Sunday evening. English Deep House producer Dale Howard first burst onto the scene in 2009 with his debut EP on Neurotraxx Deluxe ‘Gotta Be Deep‘, which topped the charts and ... Read more