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Doppler Labs Introducing Earbuds For Real World Volume Control

Doppler Labs, a young design technology firm focused on creating “wearable, immersive and human tech”, has collected a $17 million from investors this week after an already successful crowdfunding campaign for their profound new project “Here”. The popularity of the concept is pretty understandable, as Here could be one of the most groundbreaking inventions of the decade. It’s already being called a ‘superhuman hearing device’. What Here allows you to do is essentially ‘bionic hearing’: you insert the Here buds in your ears, they’re wirelessly connected to a smartphone app which acts as the remote control. From here you can ... Read more

Troxler On TV Tonight In “Superstar DJs: With Annie Mac”

As DJs today are being heralded as the new breed of rockstars, we can see the attention they are subjected to penetrating more and more into the mainstream. Last week a new Channel 4 series aired starring radio DJ Annie Mac, who in her weekly episodes of “Superstar DJs” has the privilege to take a peek into the personal lives of some world-famous DJs. Tonight’s episode is all about mr. Seth Troxler. Annie Mac is the uncrowned queen of dance music with her own broadcast on BBC Radio 1. The Irish presenter signed a deal with British commercial tv station ... Read more

DJ Tiesto Collapses After Hearing His Own Music For Too Long

The EDM world is in a state of turmoil after DJ Tiësto collapsed on stage last Friday night during a gig in San Jose (California), putting his American tour to an abrupt halt, leaving thousands of ticket holders in L.A. and San Diego disgruntled. The claims of the famed DJ hitting an LED-screen were suddenly abandoned when an investigation into the occurrence pointed out that Tiësto was actually physically and mentally drained by having to hear his music every single night. Dr. Rudolph Kaufman, who specializes in DJs that run a high risk of ‘ear-exhaustion‘ – also known as ‘EDM-fatigue‘ ... Read more