#7 | HVOB – Trialog | Stil vor Talent | Out Now |

HVOB‘s second album ‘Trialog’ is an interdisciplinary art project, comprising a discourse between the disciplines of sound, video and installation, realised by HVOB, the VJs licherloh and the contemporary artist Clemens Wolf. The theme centres on ten ubiquitous physical processes, which are being documented and interpreted interactively on three artistic levels; via Clemens Wolf’s orchestrated processes, the lyrics and sounds of HVOB’s tracks, and the visuals by VJs lichterloh: Tearing, mixing, bursting, melting, oxidising, breaking, imploding, etching, bending, burning, track to video, video to artwork, artwork to track.

#6 | Skinnerbox – Sawtooth Blues EP | My Favorite Robot | April 27th |

My Favorite Robot introduce a new act to their eclectic roster in the form of German duo Iftah Gabbai and Olaf Hilgenfeld aka Skinnerbox. The EP’s title track ‘Sawtooth Blues,’ opening things up in gloopy style, with bendy, downbeat bass synths off set by more colourful pads up top. It’s an undulating, warm and comforting tune with a left of centre sense of melody that really resonates.

#5 | Howling – Stole the Night Remixes | Counter Records | April 27th |

Ry X and Âme’s Frank Wiedemann worked together as Howling again. Their LP ‘Sacred Ground’ is not released yet but they already released first remixes of the track ‘Signs’ and now it’s Âme and Midland who reworked ‘Stole the Night’. As you can expect Âme put an airy and propulsive take on the low-slung, bass-heavy original.