#05 Sailor & I – Sweat EP | Invention of Loneliness | Out Now

“Sweat”  is Sailor & I’s latest deep cut, the lead-off listen from an EP that also manages to turn a classic Joy Division track (“Disorder”) on its head. Faithfully mind you, as a blank, drum-less canvas is coated in cold-pressed keys and a strictly ’80s setup.

#04 Crazy P – Walk Dance Talk Sing | Republic of Music | Out Now

Walk Dance Talk Sing’ is the seventh album by much-loved Crazy P AKA Danielle Moore, Jim Baron and Chris ‘Toddy’ Todd. Due to years experience in the studio and wowing crowds (both live and as DJs) ‘Walk Dance Talk Sing’ is steeped in the history of quality club sounds. Proper deep house, boogie, funk and soul is mixed with modern electronic pop then sprinkled liberally with disco dust. Confident, sophisticated and stylish yet playful and adventurous, it finds Crazy P in an empowered new purple patch – both comfortable in their own skin and unafraid to try new things.

Crazy P – Walk Dance Talk Sing

#03 | Huxley – I Want You (Remixes) EP | Aus Music | Out Now

Huxley – I Want You (Deetron Remix)

#02 | Ten Walls – Sparta EP | Boso | Out Now

A master at creating the perfect ‘moment’ track for the dancefloor, here he delivers one his best with ‘Sparta’, emotive and astronomic it stands to follow in the footsteps of its predecessor to be a certified anthem of 2015. Another of his finest productions, ‘Blue Orphan’ takes a darker turn yet holds onto his signature sound, with deep pads, progressive pace and sonic builds.

#01 | Howling – Sacred Ground Album | Monkeytown | Out Now

Howling’s album Sacred Ground stands for many things at once: collaboration, improvisation, simplicity, unexpected happenstance. The original track ‘Howling’ exploded virally in early 2012 (via Dixon’s Boiler Room set), though hardly past demo stage at the time, and proceeded to climb charts and win awards throughout electronic music. The track’s two humble collaborators – singer/producer/folk-electronic artist Ry X and Âme producer/Innervisions leader Frank Wiedemann – never saw it coming. Nor did they expect that a few years later, despite being from two different sonic universes and living on two different sides of the world, their debut album would be pressed in Berlin.

Howling – Stole The Night