Top 10 Releases

  • top 20-releases-april_2018
    30 2018 April

    The Top 10: April 2018

    It’s returned! Our top 10 tracks of each and every month as selected by our team here in Amsterdam. This month’s selections feature a healthy dose of our own features, alongside favorites like of Perel,...

  • top-10-premieres-dha-2016
    26 2016 December

    The Top 10 DHA Premieres Of 2016

    With over 100 exclusive premieres in 2016 alone, we’re taking a look at the 10 most streamed from our Soundcloud channel. With entries from the likes of Drumcode, Dirtybird, and All Day I Dream, coupled...

  • 31 2016 October

    Top 10 Releases of October 2016

    So it’s again our monthly attempt to pull up a lean list of 10 of our favourites that were released last month. I can tell you that it’s the process is as teeth grinding as to...

Top 10 Releases In April

April 21, 2015 | Amsterdam

Our top 10 releases in A cover LP’s and EP’s ranging  house, to techno and everything in between. These are the records that shouldn’t be missed this month. #10 | Aki Bergen – I’ve Seen You Around feat. Myriad | Steyoyoke Recordings | Out Now | Aki Bergen is an Italian sound engineer, composer and producer as well. His newest release ‘I’ve...

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Top 10 Releases In March

March 23, 2015 | Amsterdam

Our top 10 releases in March cover a range of different-sounding cuts and artists, spannig from house, to techno with even the odd disco rendez-vous here and there. These are the records that shouldn’t be missed this month. #10 | Jamie Trech – Still Need It EP | Sinnmusik | Out Now | Great stuff...

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Top 10 Releases In February

February 25, 2015 | Amsterdam

February is running to its end, so it’s high time to start covering the top 10 releases for this month. Featuring cuts from artists such as Maxxi Soundsystem, Kurt Baggaley, Life On Planets and Good Guy Mikesh. Here’s your dose of quality music for February. #10 Mr KS – Take A Trip EP | Music...

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Top 10 Releases In January

January 22, 2015 | Amsterdam

It’s time to start wrapping up the first month of 2015. The start to this year has been very promising, with so many good EP’s and albums coming out. Keeping the list to just 10 releases was once again a very hard task. This is our run-down of the top 10 releases of January.  #10...

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Top 10 Releases In December

December 10, 2014 | Amsterdam

Looking for some special Christmas gift to give to your music-addicted loved one? You can’t go wrong with these records that have just been, or are about to be released this month on vinyl and/or digital. It was a hard pick this month and we had to make some really tough decisions on which releases...

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Top 10 Releases In November

November 13, 2014 | Amsterdam

Which records are worth the money this month? Check out our selection of the top 10 releases in November, featuring great releases by Session Victim, Wolfey, Burnski, Dusky, Weval and many more. #10 Session Victim – ‘See You When You Get There’ LP | Delusions Of Grandeur | 17-11-2014 | Hamburg’s Hauke Freer and Matthias...

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Top 10 Releases In October

October 9, 2014 | Amsterdam

Ibiza has closed shop for the season, that means that Summer is officially over now.. Well, that doesn’t mean that there won’t be any sweet releases to look forward to. Because this month is filled to the brim with the hottest records. Here’s our top 10 releases in October! #10 Josh Butler & Bontan ft....

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Top 10 Upcoming Releases In August/September

August 28, 2014 | Amsterdam

More than enough fine cuts dropping in August & September. Check out our selection right here and listen to some of the tunes they’re carrying. Here’s the top 10 upcoming releases by Fur Coat, Qtier, Gardens Of God, Gorgon City, Beesmunt Soundsystem and more.. 1. Fur Coat – U Turn EP | Crosstown Rebels |...

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Top 10 Upcoming Releases In July/August

July 23, 2014 | Amsterdam

What musical goodies can be expected in the next few weeks? Well, a lot. We’ve had to make some tough choices in this selection but eventually we ended up with these favourites, coming from the hands of artists like Solomun, Seb Wildblood, Stefan Z, Gui Boratto and Here’s our top 10 upcoming releases in...

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Top 10 Upcoming Releases In June/July

June 24, 2014 | Amsterdam

From now we will keep you posted on the hottest EP’s and albums to hit stores every month. Our top 10 upcoming releases in June/July feature some very nice releases coming along from the likes of Sailor & I, a new release on Ten Walls’ Boso imprint and a new stunner by Edu Imbernon. #10....

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