If you have ever wandered into a subterranean tunnel, listened to the echoes of a long hall, or sang in your bathroom to hear the heightened resonance – you will notice that each building or room has its own unique acoustic sound.

Most man-made structures and pieces of architecture are designed to mitigate sound, yet there are many types of structures that actually sustain and resonate sound even more. According to [The Spaces] here are 10 remarkable spaces with interesting acoustic abilities – from the Denge sound mirrors in the UK to the Prenzlauer Berg water tower and tanks in Berlin.

1. Tvísöngur, Iceland

[youtube id=”JrjkRydzaYA” width=”620″ height=”360″]

2. Forest megaphones, Estonia


Photography: Tõnu Tunnel

3. Fertőrákos Cave Theatre, Hungary


Photography courtesy of Fertőrákos Cave Theatre

4. The Music Hall at the Āli Qapu Palace, Iran


Photography: Mohsen Ghasemee

5. Denge sound mirrors, UK


Photography: Paul Horsfield

6. The Danish Music Museum, Denmark


Photography: Kåre Viemos

7. Brunel Museum, UK


Photography: Andrew Smith

8. Ekko, Denmark


Photography courtesy of Thilo Frank

9. The Whispering Gallery at St Paul’s Cathedral, UK


Photography: Matthew Biddulp

10. Prenzlauer Berg water tower and tanks, Berlin


Photography: Roman März / Singuhr Hoergalerie