10 Moments When House Invaded The Pop Charts

Mr Oizo – Flat Beat – 1999

Yet another one from France in ‘99, Mr Oizo’s Flat Beat is probably most famous for being on a Levi’s advert which incorporated Oizo’s own puppet “Flat Eric”. Flat Beat was also one of the earliest examples of electro-house, at least in the mainstream gaze. ‘That bassline’ went on to change the face of the French dance music in the early 00s and understandably so, nothing before it had sounded quite that fat! In the UK the track was the 25th number one ever to feature no vocals and there has only been one more since. Who needs words when you have a bassline and a sock puppet?

Zombie Nation – Kernkraft 400 – 1999

Easily the most ridiculous of the bunch and probably the hardest. This track by bavarian producer Florian Zenfter also came out in ‘99 but was altogether more brash, hinging around a compressed kick pattern and an infectious trance-style synth lead. The line is actually taken from the 1984 computer game Lazy Jones. Nowadays it is most often heard as a football chant in sports stadiums around the globe.

Modjo – Lady – 2000

By 2000, this french trio’s debut single was a little late to the party but the more organic reimagining of the sound, with that rolling bass arrangement was undeniable. The track recently featured on the latest Grand Theft Auto soundtrack allowing it to be discovered by a whole new generation. The guitar riff sampled a Chic track and now has come full circle with Chic performing the Modjo version in their live set.

Moloko – Sing It Back – 1999

The first version of Sing It Back, released early in ‘99 didn’t do too well but as soon as DJ Boris Dlugosch got on remixing duties in August, you couldn’t move for hearing this on the radio. Most remarkably it was very hard to get sick of it either. Whilst Roisin Murphy’s songwriting talent was undeniably a huge factor, without this house remix, released at the height of the genre’s popularity, it’s hard to imagine Moloko having had such an impact on the mainstream.

Cassius – 1999 – 1999

I mean, what else would we end our list with. From the album of the same name, Cassius’ 1999 was released in January ‘99 and stands up as the most enduring and fully realised example of the sound. The sampling is way more washed out and contorted compared to it’s more pop cousins. In this way Cassius also precursor the electro house that would follow whilst paying homage to that which has past. With this record, the duo straddle the millennium in a way only the French could.

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