All over the world, the mediums of high art and nightlife are fusing together like never before.

Highlighting any and every scene, genre, and sub section of the industry, from underground fetishists to anthemic trance, the digital space has allowed for the kind of multi sensory presentation necessary for an effective nightlife capture.

Here, 11 artists have been highlighted by Electronic Beats who, over the years, have utilized their own respective artistic mediums in ways that have allowed for the world on the dancefloor to “belong” in the world of the gallery. From notorious NYC club kid Michael Alig‘s paintings to the work of seminal Berlin photographer Wolfgang Tillmans, elusive art collective Bernadette Foundation to the tangible archive of Cory Arcangel, much is covered. See all the names and examples of their work below.

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Source: Electronic Beats

Featured Image: Bernadette Corporation