While you thought tickets to your favourite Summer festivals this year were on the expensive side, they’ll surely pale in comparison to Secret Solstice Festival. Because this multi-day Icelandic festival where “the sun never sets” will cost you $200k for one ticket. And just to play devil’s advocate: when you look at the itinerary this actually starts to make sense. That’s because Secret Solstice takes you to the most exotic locations, non-stop personal service, events inside a glacier, visits to a volcano’s magma chamber, and an event at a 124 year-old geothermal pool.

The second edition of Secret Solstice Festival takes place from 19-21 of June, and promises the more affluent part of the world’s population a festival experience so loaded with over-the-top events that you have to pinch yourself just reading about it. The organization made it their mission to create the most expensive festival experience this year and they have done just that.

secret solstice 1

Next to their already “super VIP” ticket tier of $684, they offer a $200k ‘ultimate festival’ pass this year that will include first class flights to Iceland from pretty much anywhere on the globe, a luxury five-bedroom villa in Reykjavík for five nights, private chauffeur, personal assistants, private chefs (all on call 24/7). Next to this, the price is really driven up by the private helicopter droppings to myriad outlandish party destinations like one at the magical Blue Lagoon, private tours of Iceland’s volcanoes, rappelling inside the magma chamber (where you will also have lunch), private whale and dolphin watching on a 100-foot yacht, an event inside a glacier and of course exclusive bottle service at Secret Solstice festival, and at Reykjavík nightclubs upon request.

The aftermovie of last year’s regular Secret Solstice festival

So who are playing at those exotic events ask? Don’t worry much about that either, as you will get to experience intimate performances by Wu-Tang Clan, FKA Twigs, GusGus, Tale Of Us, Skream, Flight Facilities, Green Velvet, Guti, Nick Curly, TEED, KiNK, Route94 and Amsterdam’s very own Detroit Swindle, to name but a few.

So if you happen to have more than five figures on your bank account, this looks like a pretty sweet deal for the summer. Oh by the way, the $200k ticket will cover not one but two people. Bargain, right?

You can check out their website for more info.

Source: The Underground