As you could probably tell by some blatantly touting DJ posts last week, it was that time again: the yearly RA poll for best DJ. Every year the poll tries to give a fair and balanced impression of the state of the underground dance music scene. Weighed in are both the votes of RA users and those of a panel by RA itself. Just like last year, we’re sure that there will be plenty of discussion going on about the positions of relative newcomers in regard to the (often lower) spots held by some of the legends in the esteemed ranking. But hey, it’s a fairer system than the one incorporated by that other big DJ poll, which is announced just shy of two months before this one.

So, are there any surprises in here? Not too many in our view. At least no in the top 20, let alone the top 10. Dixon is still #1. Tale of Us is still on #2, while Âme has finally broken into the top 10 at a well-deserved third place – coming from #16 in 2013. Of course there are the usual suspects (Villalobos, Jamie, Richie, Mano, Maceo, Seth) who have kept a steady spot in the chart, some of them moving up or down the odd place or two. Here’s the top 10. You can check out the full list by clicking the button below.

Oh yeah, one very special mention to Job Jobse, who has spectacularly made an entry into the poll – proving that you don’t necessarily have to be a producer to get noticed, but you do need to be an absurdly great DJ, and that he definitely is. Congratulations Job!

#10 Ricardo Villalobos

#09 Rødhåd

#08 Mano Le Tough

#07 Ben UFO

#06 Ben Klock

#05 Maceo Plex

#04 Seth Troxler

#03 Âme

#02 Tale Of Us

#01 Dixon

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