After being around for more than a century now (first documented in 1897!), the most prolific and identifiable symbol in nightlife culture, the disco ball, is up for some serious remodelling. Disco Disco is a collaborative project initiated by creative entrepreneur Alex Asseily, kickstarted design-wise by design studio Goodwin Hartshorn, and then evolved, developed, expanded and made sing by Haberdashery.

So what exactly is this 21st century answer to the disco ball? ‘Disco Disco’ is inspired by the hitsoric mirror globe, brought fully up to date with a sound responsive capability, with the sensitivity to react to a clicked finger through to your favourite piece of music.

With each customisable profiled acrylic fin arranged upon a simple spine, the system can be expanded to fit a variety of spaces and volumes. As the sculpture is programmable, it can react to any external input required for it to maximise impact within a particular environment, be it a club or your living room.

You can see Disco Disco on show currently at the ‘Play of Brilliants’ show in Paris until the end of May, and also at the May Design Series, London in the Darc magazine tunnel and then in September at Design Junction.

[vimeo id=”121875121″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

Source: haberdashery