Boomboxes aka “Ghettoblasters” were a staple of 70s-90s urban culture, ubiquitous in every scene from rock n roll and disco to breakdance and soul. 

Though technically never “portable,” the huge, cassette/radio hosting, the we-don’t-give-a-fuck attitude they elicited simply meant obnoxious volumes, preferably in residential neighborhoods, on the shoulders of those definitely not in suits. Now, a New Zealand based collector is auctioning off a massive collection of vintage era boomboxes as a complete set. One that may very well be the world’s best. The asking price? $20,000NZ or $14,000US.

Check out the images of the full collection below, featuring models such as sharp gf-1000, lasonic 931 first gen, crown 970, disco litepromax j1sanyo big benjvc m70, aimor st-809sl, and many more. Better get to it quick though, because the bidding ends on Monday…and, in case you’re wondering, NO, you can’t buy the items individually. Why? In the words of the seller, “It’s to much of an iconic collection to split up its world famous in the boom box community”.

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Source: Dangerous Minds