4DSOUND is a laboratory and cultural collective exploring Spatial Sound as a medium. Since 2008, it has developed an innovative Spatial Sound technology that has significantly improved and expanded the possibilities to create, perform and experience sound spatially. 

Over the last two years 4DSOUND has developed a following through its acclaimed Artist Residency series and showcases at festivals such as Berlin Atonal and ADE, developing work with artists such as Vladislav Delay, Dasha Rush, Pantha du Prince, Murcof, Biosphere and the experimental imprint Raster-Noton. 4DSOUND has also given lectures and talks on the applications and implications of Spatial Sound at interdisciplinary festivals and symposiums such as CTM Berlin, IX Symposium Montreal and Gaudeamus Music Festival.

Together in part with Today’s Art Festival in The Hague, 4DSOUND will present a new project, Circadian. From September 24-27th 2015 the collective will present a 24-hour programme in various parts investigating how spacial listening influences conscious stages differently through the day and night. Ranging from psycho-techno, to interactive performances incorporating neuro-sensors and embracing meditation participants will be guided through the experience by Lisa Park, Oscar Mulero, Marco Donnarumma, and Kazuya Nagaya with Noqturnl A/V performances by John Connell and Florence To.

NOQTURNL from Florence To on Vimeo.

Inspired by the circadian rhythms that govern our wake-sleep cycle, the 4DSOUND: Circadian programme will investigate how spatial sound influences our states of consciousness over a 24- hour period, by exploring new ways to physically connect the listener with the surrounding space. Through a series of interactive spatial sound performances, workshops and talks, 4DSOUND seeks to embody the range of conscious states of the listener throughout the day, encouraging height- ened awareness of environment, mind-body connection, personal insight, creative expression, empathic sensitivity and social interaction.

  • 4DSOUND: Circadian investigates how spatial listening influences conscious states through- out the day and night
  • Performances explore how to physically connect the listener with the surrounding space through movement, bio-physical media and psycho-acoustic stimulation
  • Program features sound and movement workshops, immersive sonic meditation, participative spatial performances, overnight collective dreamstate and an opening conference