It’s almost here, All We Want Festival celebrates its 5 year anniversary with four days of atmospheric festival experiences from 7-10 July in Goch, Germany.

Always a favorite on the DHA calendar, we thought we’d highlight 5 reasons why this unique event is one of the most friendly and interesting camping-based events in the area. As usual, we’ll be on site with many of our Amsterdam based friends. Have you been to All We Want Festival before? What would you say is its primary appeal?


5. The Location

Not only is the festival located on the picturesque grounds of a 13th Century Monastery, but its host town of Goch, Germany is just a stone’s throw from Amsterdam (1.5 hour drive), Utrecht, Nijmegen, and Rotterdam with round trip shuttle service available in each of the Dutch cities.

4. The Secrets

For those adventurous souls (or perhaps those looking for a bit more intimacy) there will be a secret stage located somewhere on the forested grounds. Hosted by festival partners Geroezemoes, Driehoek and Somewhere, this hidden gem is only for those willing enough to search. Who knows what mystery’s will appear once it is found!

3. A Multi Sensory Experience

All We Want categorizes all aspects of the event, entertainment, music and food, towards the five senses: hear, feel, smell, see and taste. Each activity will be highlighted by its corresponding sense (for example, a “feel” activity may be a massage). The possibilities are endless and surely some of the aforementioned festival “secrets” will appear here as well.

2. The Price

For a multi day festival featuring such an esteemed lineup many would think to pay in the hundreds of Euro’s, but not at All We Want. Obviously first wave tickets are long sold out, but currently tickets range from 75-80 Euro! Think about all the 1 day festival events that cost upwards of 50/60 wherever you’re from and then compare…

1. The Music

Finally, the number 1 reason to check out All We Want may seem like an obvious choice, but it is the music. Across it’s four days, the festival will host a slew of DHA favorites and International stars ranging across the spectrum of dance music. Everyone from Ame, ANOTR, Detroit Swindle, Gerd Janson, Rebekah, Red Axes, and SpacetimeContinuum to the likes of Prunk, Wouter S, Nuno Dos Santoes, De Sluwe Vos, Reza Ather, Lövestad, JP Enfant (and many more) will be on hand.

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7-10 July | All We Want Festival | Tickets | Goch, Germany