Amsterdam has a new live act to keep an eye on. Their name is Lövestad, and both their musical and stage performance are equally ecstatic. No, they haven’t had official releases nor have they toured the world yet (although they have already been invited to play at Berghain/Panorama Bar last October). Their musical style is a combination of energetic percussion filled with effects, and on the spot synth work. The result? Well, just take a listen to the boys’ performance of their latest creation: ’24’. We also took the chance for a quick interview with the boys.

Their live shows are starting to become a thing of legend and earning them a seat at the table. Lövestad is ending 2015 on the rise with shows at the very mysterious Vondelbunker this Friday the 11th, PIP in Den Haag on the 31st of December and de Marktkantine on the 1st January.

So, what are your names and where are you from?
We are Sjors Lammertink and Jørgen Hvirring. We both live in Amsterdam.

How did you two meet?
We met at a little NYE party Jørgen organised at CASA400 (a student apartment building in Amsterdam). We talked about music and danced till the early morning. We didn’t know each other’s names and lost contact. Then a year later we met again, but we didn’t recognise each other anymore (yes it was that early at the CASA400 party). Again we talked about music the whole night and danced. suddenly one of us remembered: “Hey! I know you!”. Then we decided to make some music together.

It is getting to the end of a big year for you guys, what are some of the high points for Lövestad in 2015?
Well it is of course inevitable not to name our Berghain/Panorama Bar gig. We felt like we just started and suddenly there was the Berghain asking us to come and play there. And man it was great (the party afterwards too). Georgie’s Wundergarten was a special one too. It was our first big concert, which we didn’t expect beforehand. Suddenly there were about 1200 people standing in front us, but we gave everything and the crowd went pretty wild! But probably the biggest personal highlight was when we recorded track number 20, afterwards we looked at each other and thought: man, this is really getting somewhere, we’re feeling this!

What are you looking forward to in 2016?
We have just been signed to Mother Goose Agency. Heleen, the owner, is a great person and is working really hard to spread our music to the world. This means more concerts and gigs, more people to connect with and more live music – yes, that’s what we are looking forward too!

What can you tell us about this new track that you releasing today?
When we start making our music-videos, we meet in the morning and record and publish the track on YouTube that same afternoon. When we progressed it took two days to finish a track. This is the first track which took three days. We get more critical as we grow till the point that we get too critical. Today, after pushing it too far, trying to think of every detail in the arrangement, we stopped and looked each other in the eyes and said: f*ck it, let’s jam and stop thinking! So basically this track it the product of pushing it and then letting it go and just make some music!

You are playing at the extremely unique Vondelbunker this Friday, have you seen it yet or what do you know about it?
We haven’t been there yet, but of course heard some pretty good stories about it. It’s this hidden intimate place underneath the streets of Amsterdam. The artists playing there do unique and experimental stuff. This raises the bar for us to really try and tell a good musical story. We like small and intimate venues so we can really connect with the audience. Looking forward to going underground!

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