Indica are downers, Sativa are Uppers, and what about Hybrids?

Sativa is more cerebral and energetic and often more tasty. It can also be fruity or sweet. A joint of sativa is often a nice mood setter. Amnesia is a classic sativa, rich in THC and that can provide strong psychotropic effects. Definitely an inspirational kind of strain, good to use while in the recording studio to produce some new tracks.

Another famous creative but more clear-headed sativa is Jack Herer. Similar but with a nicer (lemon) taste is Lemon Haze. Many people prefer to smoke small sativa joints before going clubbing (note: small not big clubs). It allows you to fully enjoy music and contact with the dancing crowd. If you feel creative, Sativas are probably always the part of the market you should be looking into. Many creative people choose Sativa for getting a little boost before making music, designing, painting, or writing code.

Lemon Haze-cannabis-shopping

Lemon Haze

Indica is more relaxing and laid back. Gives a heavier, sleepy type of high. Often Indica’s are used for medical problems. Do not waste your time going into a club after consuming Indica’s. You better make plans for some more chill out activities. If you want to share some laughs with your closest people, cooking and chatting or enjoy some music without too much moving, then Indicas are the most couch-friendly types of Cannabis. Some options in the coffeeshop menus would be Bad Azz Kush: is a really heavy on THC indica (winner of Cannabis Cup 2015) that can keep you relaxed on a Sunday evening. Another one is Bubblegum Kush (a hybrid but with Indica dominant characteristics) feels smooth and euphoric, some youngsters prefer it when playing video games-often combined with coffee stimulants like red bull or big cups of coffee to balance the “over relaxation”…. In any case be sure to have some of your favourite fruits around so you do not end up eating all the sweets in the house.

Hybrids are strains combining characteristics of both Indica and Sativa families. It depends on your taste and on the personal mood of somebody to choose the right Hybrid for the right moment. White Widow is a very popular hybrid in coffeeshops (also among growers-gives a good yield). Euphoric – High in THC. Some people use Hybrids for meditation and Yoga. Evergrey could be another option for a nicely balanced weed with a nice taste.


As an extra advice: search for Organic Strains

Last years more and more conscious growers try to avoid chemicals touching their plant. That is a good thing of course and as a result there are more healthy options on your plate… Organics are here to stay and you can always ask for them in the coffeeshops.

Smoking, Vaping, Eating

As we mentioned before there is a whole industry behind cannabis and you can always use a vaporizer to consume and enjoy your cannabis. Vaping is much more healthy than smoking and there are a lot of choices you will find while shopping in Amsterdam souvenirs-like shops. We’re pretty sure you will find the right model for your taste. You do not even have to smoke if you like as In many of the coffeeshops you can find also edible highs (space cakes, special brownies). Be careful though as you might get spaced out eating these sweets…It is good to know that it takes more than 30 minutes before you start getting high when eating cannabis edibles (digestion goes slower than smoking).

Amsterdam has a lot to see and hear from museums, festivals, parks, canals,… you name it. We hope that you combine your visits to the city’s coffeeshops with plenty of other activities that will make it worth your while.