I’m telling you, the day you start appreciating and anticipating autumn, is the day you move to Amsterdam. Because as soon as the first bunch of events start filling up on the Facebook timelines, you know the best is about to come… Amsterdam Dance Event. A week of the electronic dance music family, old legends, new-comers, the outcasts (subgenres) – all coming together to showcase the state-of-art electronic dance music. 

It’s easy to lose track (or even head) with well over 450 events already scheduled, in around 100 clubs and venues all over Amsterdam welcoming over 2000 performers (no, really)! Thus as every year, we dive into the full agenda and cherry pick our top selections day by day, in attempt to provide a comprehensive guide on what not to miss out on.

While, saving up for the nights to come, most of the big underground dance music labels and event organisers start off their programme on Thursday, leaving the Wednesday’s agenda relatively lean. Which, in our eyes, offers an opportunity for Wednesday night to become the ADE’s night for the up-and-coming label showcases. However even so, Wednesday night shall not let down in any capacity!

Henrik Schwarz and Metropole Orkest – Scripted Orkestra | Melkweg | Tickets

The 5-day festival kicks-off, as usual, with a grand opening concert. For the second time already, this honourable moment is given to the hands of the one and only, Henrik Schwarz. This year the dance music maestro has teamed up with a dutch multiple Grammy winning jazz and pop orchestra Metropole Orkest, for an hour lasting symbiosis between electronic and orchestral music “Scripted Orchestra”.

Expectations for a memorable evening should be set. Since along MO’s renowned abilities of orchestral interpretations is Henrik’s ingenious abilities in crossing and bending the spectres of classics, jazz and electronic music his very own unique manner (watch his discussion with pianist Bugge Hesseltoft on improvisation).

Awakenings x Len Faki present Figure Nacht | Gashouder | Tickets

Once again, Awakenings claims it’s metallic fortress – the Gashouder and for the starting night presents a deep’n’dark quality techno night brought by Len Faki, the resident of Berlin’s Berghain. The line-up embraces two live techno acts – one by Jeroen Search, Holland’s well-kept techno secret and another by the brothers from Detroit Octave One, who always deliver a mesmerising performance. As the night winds into the dark, the host of the night himself takes over, finishing with a set by this years’ worldwide techno breakthrough – Rødhåd. It’s an assembly of a subliminal venue for techno sound and a perfectly curated sequence of experienced performers, that can deliver.

Pan Pot presents Second State | De Marktkantine | Tickets*

The german duo Pan Pot lodges in Amsterdam’s Marktkantine to present their label and creative platform Second State, providing a solid line-up for both house and techno fans. Along with the hosts and the label heads themselves, the main room will host some hard hitting techno sounds by Stephan Hinz (live), Amelie Lens, presenting her newest EP “Let it Go“, and our new favourite in the techno realm, Michael Klein. While the Amsterdam house scene will be represented by the charismatic Boris Werner and Benny Rodriguez.

*Ticketsale starts on Tuesday August 23 at 12.30 PM

Reclaim Your City | Radion | Tickets

For certain, Wednesday does not disappoint the techno fans. This event is probably the most interesting for scouts of new sound in productions and the fans of the underdogs. The Berlin-based Reclaim Your City, a techno label established four years ago, is certainly one under our radar for talent from across the globe. On this night expect the legendary DJ Boris (Ostgut Ton), Ron Albrecht (Dystopian), Volte-Face (BleeD), Anetha (Blocaus), Doka (Konstrukt) B2B Mirella Kroes (Motiv) and the very unique producer frenchman Shlømo (Taapion). The organisers promise: “expect to be dragged into a world of overwhelming depth to pounding and percussive subs”.

Four Tet / Floating Points | De School | Tickets

One minute – the time it took for a sale out of the tickets to see the two soon to be called Maestro’s of our time. Note, that none of the men will have a live setting, but that does not stop either in creating a magical vibe when they are on stage. Ones that had the chance to be the witnesses of Four Tet‘s set along with Jon Hopkins at Trouw in 2014 during ADE will certainly never forget the night, when the music was so good, leaving the dancefloor for even a moment didn’t feel right. As new memories replace the old ones, Four Tet shall be joined by the genius Floating Points to lift the dancefloor of De School.

Line-up: Four Tet | Floating Points