The day you start appreciating and anticipating autumn, is the day you move to Amsterdam. Since as soon as your Facebook timeline starts to fill up with the first bunch of events, you know the best is about to come… Amsterdam Dance Event is a well awaited week of the biggest club festival in the world, but also all the music world community – the legends, the new-comers, the outcasts (subgenres) – all coming together to showcase the state-of-art electronic dance music.

Honeslty, it’s easy to lose track (or even head) with well over 450 events already scheduled, in around 100 clubs and venues all over Amsterdam welcoming over 2000 performers (no, really)! Thus as every year, we dive into the full agenda and cherry pick our top selections day by day, in attempt to provide a comprehensive guide on what not to miss out on.

If the book is to judge by its ending, a festival can be judged by its closing. The last of the festival days, Sunday has some delicious treats for both techno and house purists. From the extended 14 hour Klockworks party, to ADE closing session with The House District. Then also Amsterdam’s top underground clubs doing their thing. There’s RADION, starting with the Breakfast Club and finishing up with Theo Parrish all-nighter. And there’s the true Amsterdam home feel to be found at the De School.


Breakfast Club – ADE 2016 | Radion | Tickets

As they say all roads lead to Rome, but let’s face it, all the ADE party troopers wind down at the Breakfast Club. As last year Breakfast Club becomes the go to meeting point for those not ready to kill the night just yet or those in need to start early. It shall begin at early dawn – 7 in the morning and go on to 6 pm. Saturday Radion invites Berlin’s legend – Tama Sumo, many say without the dedication of this lady to the music the Berlin underground stage would just not be as it is. She will be joined by Mike Servito, whom the locals might have heard at least one of his two sets he played at Dekmantel Festival, one together with Magda and another with Black Madonna, the latter on the Boiler Room stage, one also not to miss is Dekmantel’s secret weapon, excellent producer and selector Palms Trax.

Line up: Tama Sumo | Mike Servito | Sebastian Mullaert (aka Minilogue) | Ulf Eriksson | Palms Trax | Dino Sabatini | Shanti Celeste | Blind Observatory | Tom Liem | Jaime Frias

Klockworks ADE presented by LET | H7 Warehouse | Tickets

Pay attention to the duration of this event: from 15:00 – 05:00. Indeed the reputable event organiser LET joins their forces with Ben Klock’s Klockworks label for a 14 hour marathon. This concept celebrates label’s artists and gives the opportunity to extend their sets, thus take the dancers on a journey. Honeslty, knowing the Ben himself rarely plays around with anothing less than a two hour set, its a no surprise. Klockwoks is a unique techno label that curates their music, with precise love for the genre and sensitivity for its textures, while at the same time expanding the understanding of techno while still within the frames and intense rhythms of the genre. Neither the line-up is a kids game, when it includes a special guest – the legendary Japanese techno figure DJ Nobu, Berghain brother in crime DVS1 for whom Ben Klock has particular admiration, the quickly risen to the stardom – Etapp Kyle, LET‘s child JP Enfant and the label head himself, Berghain’s resident Mr. Ben Klock.

Line-up: Ben Klock | DVS1 | DJ NOBU | Etapp Kyle | JP Enfant | visuals by Heleen Blanken 

Finishing the feast with a celebration of funky, groovy, jazzy house – hell yeah! Presented by The House District – an event that seeks to bring together “the most authentic exponent artists of the house music scene” for the last of the five nights of ADE. And actually it does. All the way from New York – DJ Qu and Fred P aka. Black Jazz Consortium, the heavier sounding Detroit’s very own Patrice Scott, also the guys from London’s infamous Secretsundaze, that has firmly established itself as one of Europe’s most distinct voices in underground electronic music. As well as Italian collector and DJ Volcov and the dub grooves and house flair from the duo Hiver, that has been sharing the stage alongside artists from Moodyman to Ryan Elliot. Most unfortunate is that Boo Williams, who has been confirmed for the innitial line-up has cancelled his appearance.

Line-up: DJ QU | Fred P | Secret Sundaze | Patrice Scott | Volcov | Hiver | Paul Johnson aka Dance Mania | Tom Trago | Andrea Fiorito 

De Marktkantine ADE Day 5 | Maeve & SoHaSo | De Marktkantine | Tickets

Maeve is a house music label initially started by the Irishmen The Drifter and Mano Le Tough. Brought together by “the passion for deep emotive music”, men are releasing music of Baikal, Dixon, Ripperton, and of course themselves. For Maeve’s ADE showcase the label heads invited Rotterdam’s very own Mattheis and a very special guest  – Gilb’R. Yes yes and again yes! There is something to really look forward to hear, when we are talking of this French pioneer, a man of the hunch rather than the trend, the visionary and the voice behind Versatile Records, Gilbert Cohen.

Meanwhile, Marktkantine’s second room will be held in the arms of Maeve’s friend, Nuno Dos Santos and his Something Happened Somewhere label and event night, where he invites the local heroes: TsepoLove Over Entropy along with a live house set by Mathias Schober and Konstantin Sibold.

Line-up: Gilb’R | Mattheis | The Drifter | Baikal | Mano Le Tough | Mathias Schober a.k.a SHOW-B | Love Over Entropy | Konstantin Sibold | Nuno dos Santos | Tsepo

Word is out, Detroit legend Theo Parrish all night long. One could not have a better ground for instituting one’s love for house music – growing up in Chicago, starting to spin and record at the age of thirteen in the mid 80s, moving to Michigan and getting heavily involved with Detroit’s underground scene. In his career he has even worked in a record store, where Theo establishing his passion and love for the holy record. Thus await loads of Shazam misconnections and steady old school Chicago frequencies building up the last night of the festival.

Line-up: Theo Parrish | Byron the Aquarius | Wendel Sield

Het Weekend 22.10 – 24.10 | De School | Tickets

One of the perks of De School owning a 24 hour licence is occasions like Het Weekend, where the full family of the club masters, many coming from their predecessor Trouw take over for their ADE showcase. Joined by Âme and Dixon will be the full team of Amsterdam’s very own Jasper Wolff & Maarten Mittendorff, Tom Trago, Makam, Dekmantel Soundsystem, Elias Mazian, Job Jobse, Carlos Valdes, Sandrien and JP Enfant and more.

Line-up: Âme | Dixon | Jennifer Cardini | Tom Trago | Makam | Dekmantel Soundsystem | Elias Mazian | Job Jobse | Carlos Valdes | Sandrien | JP Enfant | Lena Willikens | Jasper Wolff & Maarten Mittendorff | Izabel