As a former resident of New York City, one of its biggest assets has to be the 24 hour nature of its metro system. Long days turn into longer nights in the infamous “city that never sleeps”, creating an all night metro culture all its own; far away from bustling dancefloors, but rather on its subway platforms, elevated and subterranean.

Amsterdam, on the other hand, leaves something to be desired in its nighttime metro accessibility. Sure, there are night buses, but with their expense, less than stellar scheduling, and cramped nature, their culture can simply be described as “get me the hell home now!”.

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Now, with the impending 24 hour metro system coming to London, The Guardian took a look at the late night culture of metro systems in some of the world’s most bustling metropolises, from Sydney to Copenhagen, Berlin to Barcelona. In this interesting photo series, we are able to look at a nightlife culture all its own, where the route back from the club coincides with the day to day routines of everyday life.

Take a look at the images, and be sure to give us your best impressions of your own cities metro system.

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