No stranger to DHA, Lehar’s emotional sets reflects his approach to life: spontaneous and passionate.

Aiming to create a night the provides as much as possible, the Dynamic favorite has designed and built his “All Through The Night” concept with this in mind. Now, in the midst of its second tour, Lehar travels everywhere from Beirut to Moscow; Istanbul to Los Angeles, for a complete evening of Lehar (with a few special surprises thrown in).

Ahead of the tour’s next date at Bessonizza Moscow (16 February), we caught up with Lehar to get the inside story on the tour, his new label collaboration, and what the rest of 2018 has in store.

“…it’s better to do a tour all night long like this in the first part of the year when I m full of energy and my mind is focused.”

Currently you are in the midst of your second ‘All Through The Night Tour”. Can you describe the concept here? Is it you solo all night or…?
The main concept is to create a party where I play from the beginning till the end, I strongly believe in the musical journey and the unique interaction which is possible to create with the people when you are with them all night long. Btw, there will be (like last year) some special guests which will share the decks playing b2b with me in few events during these 3 months, Musumeci, Frankey & Sandrino and Stereocalypse are my choice for this tour, Marcus Worgull was planned to play with me in the USA but unfortunately at last minute there were some issues so I will go alone.

What were your memories of the first edition? What were some standout locations, venues, and crowds that you encountered?
The first edition which was in the same period but last year was a fantastic experience that’s why I decided to make it again, all the venues and events were so different from each other that also the feelings I had were so many and all positive.

When putting together a tour such as this, how much input do you yourself have regarding specific stops, venues, support? What is the general process like putting together such a tour? Do you provide your team any specific restrictions prior to organizing (for example, only playing a certain amount of days in a row)
The tour has been created together with my agency People and Machine, we have tried not only to fill up the calendar but we wanted to give a certain meaning to this All Through The Night Tour choosing every single booking request. This year also United States, Canada and South America is part of it and most of the gigs I enjoyed the most last year.

Why is the first quarter of the year a good time to embark on the “All Through The Night Tour”?
Usually it’s better to do a tour all night long like this in the first part of the year when I m full of energy and my mind is focused.

How has your 2018 been so far now that we are about 1 month down?
I had a very nice January thank you, I did a strong 9 days detox just to give the body the right energy it needs to recharge and restart, and I’m planning all the year.

I know that you also began a label alongside Musumeci and Olderic. Can you describe how this collaboration came about?
Mauro and Enrico are long time friends with me and it s been a couple of years we had in mind to create our own label, well now this time has come. We are looking to create a home for such a kind of artists and we are going to do our best to create the opportunities to show and develope their talents.

What is the philosophy of the label and how do you plan to grow and maintain it?
We aim to make Multinotes a common environment for people who want to compete in the challenge of creating their own style.

…and how are your summer gig plans shaping up? Busy already..?
Summer looks good already yes, we have a project together with Musumeci of a one night residency we would like to release for the summer but it s still in the making so I cannot tell you more at the moment ? Gigs are already coming yes I’m very looking forward to it.

What else is going on with you through 2018 that you are particularly excited about?
I have my 6th EP which is scheduled to be released on Multinotes by the end of the summer I think; again the one night project with Musumeci. And I will fix definitely the new studio.


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