Louisville, Kentucky mirror manufacturer Omega National Products is the last company in the United States actively building and distributing Disco Balls.

Recently, NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt profiled the business and its assembler Yolanda Baker, who explained how four decades prior the company employed 25, churning out some 20 Disco Balls per day. Now, that number is significantly less with Yolanda the only member of the assembly line. Baker mentions how her company has been the victim of outsourcing, specifically from Chinese companies who make and sell the mirrored item at a fraction of the cost (some $125 vs $25, respectively).

The town of Louisville has embraced their place in music history, however, recently erecting a 11-foot, 2,300-pound, glass-covered globe, which stands as the largest in Kentucky. In fact, the state’s history with the Disco Ball dates back to 1917, when the first patent was filed.

Watch NBC’s profile below for more.

Source: NBC