Situated in centre-south of Amsterdam, a record shop doesn’t aim to sell records with big names. Neither it looks like a typical record store stacked with records from the past. Vinylify is a start-up that prints personalised vinyl records. In other words, anyone can put their record on wax without even having a record deal.

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This service is not the first one on the market, but it stands out with its user-friendly online ordering process: upload, choose your own cover art and order. One personalised record will cost 50 euros and takes up to 3-4 weeks until it arrives to practically anywhere around the world. Amsterdamians are lucky here to be able to pick it up personally from the Vinylify shop.

Contrary to the simplicity of the ordering process, the process of printing itself requires precision and human supervision. The cutting machines used in printing, date back to the eighties and were developed by a German engineer, who, as the founders themselves say, “loved records as much as we do”.


The size of the record is 2 inches smaller than the regular record size of 12 inches. Though, it is still a vinyl record. And when we are talking about vinyl, we are talking about sound quality. The digital transfer to the analog gives a warmer and rounder general sound, the bass frequencies – lightly deeper and more present.

However, whoever is excited about being able to print any digital track selection, will probably get disappointed, since the company’s website states, “only the music with the permission from the original owner/rights holder of the music (master rights) can be cut to vinyl”.

Meanwhile, individual producers and musicians are now able to use Vinylify’s service for promotion or limited edition releases of small quantities.

So for anyone who ever wanted to have own record, the dream is now more accessible than ever.