Founded in February 2017 with the focus on global engagement with society as a whole, the registered charity and postgraduate educational space, University of the Underground, launches the first in its event series – Agora Club

Happening on 27 June at De Marktkantine, The University of the Underground will welcome, amongst its guests for the event, board member Peaches who will explore various neurological landscapes through a series of environments before culminating in a collective act of celebration guided by a specialist hypnotherapist. Also on the evening will be the explosive sound clash of Sounds of Sisso who hails from Tanzania, Africa.

For those unaware, the University of the Underground is a radical new form of education, producing unconventional research and design practices to better understand and challenge the formulation of culture and the manufacture and commodities of knowledge. It is a place that believes in a transnational form of education, which goes across borders and beyond nation-states. For this event, it will transform De Marktkantine into an arena for performing collective thoughts through music, dance, design, performances and discussions. This unique curated series aims to dream out loud, to inspire young generations to think creatively about politics and the production of thinking and we can’t be more excited.

Make sure you check out all the information on the event, The University of the Underground, and tickets at the links below and join us for as we aid in rethinking the value of utopia, philosophical systems and flux of thought within the larger context of contemporary politics and creative practice.

27 June | Agora Club | Tickets | De Marktkantine