After Dave Haslam, one of the key residents of legendary Manchester club The Haçienda, made headlines by putting his 15.000-strong record collection for sale – which was bought up by Seth Troxler last week – there is now another Haçienda name to rid of part of a rather stunning record collection. It’s veteran UK DJ/producer Buckley Boland, who has offered 8,000 of his records. 

In the facebook post where Buckley made the offer, he wrote:

ok, so i see hacienda dj dave haslam as sold his record collection to Seth Troxler and its got my thinking?? i have…

Posted by Buckley Boland on Wednesday, 25 November 2015


Buckley is a familiar name in Madchester lore, and, according to the Vinyl Factory, played alongside Inner City, Ten City and M People while becoming known of the past decade for his weekly sets at Back to Basics in Leeds and Bristol’s Just Jack.

Credited with the rise of acid house and rave, the Haçienda nightclub closed in 1997.