The dance music niche in the Tinder spectrum has welcomed its newest contender: Mix’d. After ‘Glance’, the event-driven dating app that lets you pick your possible new quickie or loved one based on the parties he or she is going to, Mix’d is focussed more on people’s favourite DJs. It’s a pretty handy tool to circumvent those awkward situations when your date is asking you whether you have heard that “new Avicii track which is super killer”.

This is how it works: you set up your account, and then selecting your favourite artists from a database linked a “music intelligence company” called Echo Nest. From scene figureheads to the most obscure acts out there can be found with the app, so leftfield-lovers can show off their musical knowledge. An algorithm also suggests similar artists next to the ones you have already selected.

Next to this, the events you attended on Facebook will be automatically imported to the app, which helps you link up to people who are going to the same kind of events and parties. Noah Brunell, the creator of Mix’d, explained in an interview the idea behind the app:


“I go to a lot of shows. It’s a huge part of my life, and all my friends date girls or guys that are into the same scene. I thought,there’s something here. This might sound close-minded, but I don’t think I could date someone who wasn’t into the same type of music that I am into. If I can’t share those experiences with the person I’m spending all this time with, then it’s gonna be a real issue.”

The best way of experiencing Mix’d is in the so-called Concert Mode, where the app looks for events in your vicinity that you attend, allowing you to swipe through the attendees at the various events around you while automatically seeing their musical tastes and favourite DJs and producers.