Not since his 2008 Coachella performance as Aphex Twin graced a U.S. stage, but that all changes this December.

On 17 & 18 December, Houston’s Day for Night Festival will welcome the electronic noise pioneer for the first time stateside in nearly a decade. The festival itself is described as, “featuring world class musicians as well as leaders in various disciplines of digital art”.

Festival producer Omar Afra could barely contain his excitement by saying, “This is the second moon landing for Houston.”

TBH, in looking through the lineup, there are some quite eclectic names to be had. True artists like Bjork, Run the Jewels, Blood Orange, Squarepusher, Kamazi Washington, RZA, John Carpenter, Oneohtrix Point Never, and a hologram of Harambe the Gorilla (RIP #NeverForget)

Source: Billboard