You probably remember the funny YouTube video that started surfacing the internet two weeks ago, called: ‘What DJ’s Really Do’. It showed a satisfied Steve Aoki, Laidback Luke and Sander van Doorn playing b2b2b in a DJ booth, with some nice accompanying text by the maker of the video.

What stood out most was that the three EDM superstars weren’t doing that much at all, and that their minimalistic twitching of knobs didn’t have any real effect on the music playing (and how do they mix without a pair of headphones?). For those of you that haven’t seen the video yet, or want to see it again, here it is:

[youtube id=”8Sxfp_Cycvg” width=”620″ height=”360″]

This made fellow DJs like Sneak and Joris Voorn to have their say in return, with Sneak posting a rant to Facebook about the “fools” that are part of the “Circus”, while Voorn tweeted, “the reality of playing B2B2B”. Now Canadian duo Art Department have given their 2 cents on the issue through their Facebook page, and it sounds like they’re taking it pretty seriously:

“ok i know we’re a bit late on this one and it’s already made the rounds but something has to be said.. by us. All three of these duchebags need to stop calling what they do “DJ’ing” because its an insult to the rest of us who treat this profession with respect and spend our lives hunting for great music and perfecting our craft. We only recognize which one Steve Aoki is out of this lot but him and the other two jerkoffs who look like the knobs they’re pretending to work can all lick their own vaginas. You’re fucking embarrassing yourselves for a paycheque that couldn’t possibly cover the cost of your dignity. How does that feel you fucking posers??”

There is something to be said in defense of Laidback Luke, because next to the fact that LBL is highly regarded for his technical capabilities (whatever your opinion is on his music) he posted a video on his Instagram where he shows off is skill to set the record straight. The caption reads: “Shutting haters up, pre-recorded sets my ass”.

Just an hour ago Art Department gave a counter-reaction on FB again, perhaps even more fierce than the first one:

“Well this one quickly became quite interesting.. So again, let’s address Laidback Luke who was once a very respectable DJ & producer, but technical skills aside, are we all hearing the music playing in this video? are we all watching whats going on here? if this is acceptable to you, think you’ve found yourself on a page you don’t belong on… We’re going to let all the LBL fans in on a little secret. DJ’ing is not about matching a beat, clearly, as most have delegated this job to a computer. It’s about track selection, programming, educating. It’s also about fun and they certainly have the hands in the air thing down to a science which we understand is so much fun, it’s hard for us to contain ourselves, specifically the X with your arms thing. But everyone’s missing the point. We’re talking about 3 tools who gladly take their fans money, and lots of it to pre-program sets of absolute shit music so that they can reside to gesturing in the booth and throwing cakes at people. If you’re not in agreement here, and that sort of thing hits the spot for you, well, we would be foolish to argue with you…”


What are your thoughts on the b2b2b video and the comments and rants given in response to it?