Dutch authority on the musical arts 3voor12 has written an article about our birthday bash in collaboration with UK Sounds next Saturday, celebrating our one-year anniversary. 3voor12 has picked up on the fact that one of our headliners Ejeca is going to make his debut on Dutch soil. He will be playing a four-hour set, something we’re very proud of. Next to Ejeca, three other big UK stars Kezla, Jonny Cade and Oli Furness will be headlining our Deep House jubilee.

The article also offers a nice summary of the things we have done and experienced over the first year of our existence. We think it’s pretty awesome, getting appreciation from a longstanding musical organization like 3voor12. Just some more proof we’re on the right track, bringing you the best Deep House has to offer!

Read the article (in Dutch) on 3voor12 here.