Author: Axel Röhr

Hailing from Helsinki, Finland, Axel is a music writer, a DJ, and a radio host. Since stepping on the 1’s and 2’s in 2008 it’s been one helluva ride for this house music lover. Gathering full momentum in the Finnish scene with his SMOOD duo, this northern dweller packed his bags and re-located in A’dam in 2014. Axel is known for a wide spanning view on everything with a 4/4 beat. His Dj-sets have been heard both in clubs and on the semi-national radio station Basso in FIN. With interests on both the current state of dance music as well as where it all came from, it was only natural for him to jump on the DHA bandwagon. Axel has a knack for discussing everything house, but also enjoys letting the music speak for itself. His writings are known to be as provocative as the cheeky house tunes that he plays whenever given the chance.

Full Premiere: Kurt Baggaley – Former Self (The Drifter Remix)

This Sunday sees a full premiere by The Drifter. This deep remix portrays The Drifters current sound perfectly. Navigating in between house, electronica and ambient, the tune is a slowly building hypnosis. Carefully crafted as ever, it is definitely worth a listen, followed by another, then a third one and so on… The Drifter is Mark Flynn, an Irish producer, DJ and singer. After an upbringing dabbling in different musical pursuits, from bands and choirs to folk and traditional, a love for electronic music was born from ventures into Dublin’s nightlife. A move to Berlin ensued soon after. Out on ... Read more

Dancefair Hosting Over 200 Seminars, Workshops And 36 Underground Speakers

After successfully launching the event also in Ibiza last year, Dancefair is back in Utrecht. For 2015, over 100 of the top professionals will be sharing their knowledge on all things related to DJing and producing music. With names like Joris Voorn, Oliver Koletzki, Ramon Tapia and Cleavage on the list of artists to widen your knowledge, the event is something that no up-and-coming DJ nor producer should miss. For newcomers and more seasoned veterans alike, navigating the information about DJing and production is time consuming. During the last few years, the innovation speed has grown by what seems like an exponential pace. As far ... Read more

FFF Brings The Best Of Electronic Music To The Beautiful Africa

First ever Future Fusion Festival will be hosting the biggest electronic music festival of the African continent in a scenic setting close to Potchefstroom, South Africa. The first performers promise something to remember, with Carl Craig and Dennis Ferrer taking the stage at this futuristic safari themed event. With 30 more performers to be announced, it seems like Future Fusion Festival is ready to leave a mark on the international festival scene right from the start. South Africa has long been known to be a country with much love for house music. So much so, that house music is a frequent sighting ... Read more

Exclusive Interview With Sidney Charles

Sidney Charles, a name on everyones lips at the moment, is a DJ/Producer from Hamburg, Germany. Known for very punchy house music that has a strong hip hop vibe with a mix of old an new, Sidney was the top charted act on Resident Advisor 2013. And no wonder, his energetic music is built for the dancefloor. Born with one of the most badass names ever, Sidney Charles Hurricane Vieljans started DJing at the tender age of 15. Moving through soundscapes of hip hop, soul and funk, Sidney finally found what he was looking for in the realms of house ... Read more

UK Venues Are Banning The Selfie Stick

The infamous selfie sticks are getting a no-go to many UK venues. The venues are banning the sticks as a “health and safety” measure, though we here at DHA would ban them as complete idiocy. I mean, a selfie stick on a gig? Seriously? Mixmag reported that at least the 02 Academy Brixton, 02 Arena and Wembley Arena will be banning the selfie stick from any future shows. This can mean denial of access to ticket holders found in possession of this dreadful sword of the lone social media warrior. A noteworthy detail of the whole ordeal is that only the ... Read more

DHA & Rollingtuff Presents BPM Festival Podcast #002 By Doorly

Even though the BPM festival is behind us for the year, we could not resist taking on some afterhype. In parthership with our friends from Rollingtuff, we give you this two hour mix in the company of Doorly. Taking you back to the Playa Del Carmen, no matter if you made it to BPM or not this year, this mixtape is a hefty entity of the best of club sounds around. Originally from the UK, Doorly has become a true international hero of the scene during recent years. His interpretation of what moves us on the dancefloor is a common language shared by ... Read more

Studio 338 In London Launches A Great Line Up For The Spring

London’s Studio 338, a mix of club and art space, has recently released their upcoming plans for the Spring. The events so far look dashing, with fine institutions such as Visionquest, Sankeys and Half Baked Records hosting parties. The long list of acts to play features the likes of Ellen Allien, Steve Lawler, Matthew Dear, Juan Atkins, Fred P, Delano Smith and the mysterious ItaloJohnson. Studio 338, resided in Londons Greenwich Peninsula, combines art and music with a huge terrace area. Interestingly enough, the terrace is usable also throughout the winter as the area is covered. Packing three different areas, ... Read more

Full Premiere: Aparde – Loom

Few artist are as mysterious as Aparde, who namely let’s his music do the talking. His forthcoming release on Stil Vor Talent, titled Loom, is a great way to get to know a man of such few words. With dubby chords, the title track of the EP sounds like 4/4 hypnosis.  Matching Berlin’s steel grey winter sky, Aparde’s cinematic electronica is of a moody yet moving quality. The Berlin based producer and live act kicks off the new year on Stil vor Talent with his ‘Loom’ EP, a stunning four tracker from which out full premiere is also taken from. The ... Read more

All Twelve Stages Of DGTL 2015 Announced

DGTL 2015 is closer than you think. As a sign of this, all the twelve stages with line ups are now announced. With two days of only the best that the underground has to offer, DGTL 2015 will be a weekend you simply cannot miss. The amazing line up features names like Steve Rachmad, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Mano Le Tough, Andhim, Tsepo, Mind Against, Adriatique, Kölsch, Art Department, Jamie Jones and many, many others. Two of the stages are curated by labels, that are among the top players of the industry. On Saturday, the Ellum Audio crew will take the self titeled stage, with ... Read more

Loco Dice Is Heading To South Africa For A Fundraiser Tour

Loco Dice is heading down to South Africa for a tour – and not just any tour, this one is for a good cause. Loco will be doing gigs as well as workshops for a group called Bridges for Music, which is an organisation that aims to have a positive impact on underprivileged communities in the developing nations and raise awareness, all through music.  February will mark the first fundraiser of the year by Bridges for Music, which became known last year from their charity campaign with Resident Advisor where people rode their bikes from London to the Amsterdam Dance Event. ... Read more

Full Premiere: Maxxi Soundsystem – Fading Thought (Original Mix)

This weeks full premiere is provided by Brighton’s very own Maxxi Soundsystem. His Fading Thought (Original Mix) will be released as a part of the Medicine EP, which is the 50th EP release by Culprit. Out on February 2nd this tune gives us a glimpse of how 2015 will sound in Maxxi Soundsystems productions. Maxxi Soundsystem is a name that we’ve all grown to love. Maxxi emerged in 2010, and has since proven to be worth all the attention. He is known as an agile DJ and as a very capable producer. Having already released on labels such as Hypercolour, Wolf Music, ... Read more

A Jumbo Jet Will Be Turned Into The Biggest Venue Of Burning Man

Burning Man, the yearly festival of radical self-expression and partying in Nevada’s Black Rock, is getting bigger and more elaborate every year. If you thought last year was over the top, wait until you hear this; an art incubator is planning to take a full-sized Boeing 747 as an art car into the festival this year, reports. Yes, a 747 – or as some call it – the Jumbo Jet. Say what you want about the growth and arms race when it comes to venues/housing/art cars in Burning Man but at least it manages to produce some incredible outcomes. This year ... Read more

An Artist From Spain Is Turning Iconic Clubs Into Graphic Art

It’s very seldom that one really thinks of how a club looks on the outside. After all, it’s what’s inside that counts. However, some of the most iconic clubs of the world are housed in rather funky buildings. Helping us focus a bit more on the surface a Spanish artist called Pablo Benito is using his creative skills to capture the structures that house the best clubs in the world. Architectural drawing is a special case within graphic design. Mainly used to illustrate architectural plans of buildings that are only in planning, this form of art is now getting a ... Read more

Top 10 Releases In January

It’s time to start wrapping up the first month of 2015. The start to this year has been very promising, with so many good EP’s and albums coming out. Keeping the list to just 10 releases was once again a very hard task. This is our run-down of the top 10 releases of January.  #10 Seba Lecompte – Love Connection EP  | What Happens | January 12 | Kicking off this month’s list we have the Belgian producer Seba Lecompte. His Love Connection EP is a solid release, with the title track as our favorite. The track has a punchy and warm kick, just the way ... Read more

Free Download: HearThuG feat. Stee Downes – Every Day’s Another Night (Ben Gomori’s Gone Astray Remix)

It’s free download time! This remix almost got lost into the sands of time after Stranjjur label went suddenly out of business. Luckily for us all, we managed to get it out into the open thanks to Ben Gomori. A mix of New York vibes and basslines with a certain acid-like ring to them, Ben’s remix of the track is a great addition to the cavalcade of remixes of this song. Ben Gomori is a multi-talent within the music industry. He’s active in production, DJing, and also radio. On top of that, he’s known for curating the Monologues podcast and hosts his own Turned ... Read more