Author: Cecile Boesch

At 3 years old Cecile received her first vinyl player and fell in love with the beat. Established in Amsterdam circa 2009, the Frenchie made her way, promoting the best parties in town. Smiley person with a boundless appetite for new tracks; Guys, don't send me flowers, send me music!

Exclusive Interview with Amine Edge

Amine Edge, Gangster DJ from the dance scene, is playing coming sunday at Straf_werk Festival. This time without his fellow mate DANCE. His image as a badboy with guns in pictures and showing off as a gangster, is that really how Amine is? We had a little chat with him to find out! ‘Shit with this fucking interview everyone will finally know that I am a nice guy’ How did you come up with the name Amine Edge? When I was young my DJ name was awful (I’ll keep it secret, lol) I needed to change it. It was really ... Read more