Author: Emilija Kucyte

is an Amsterdam based writer for Deep House Amsterdam.

Top 5 European Spring Festivals

As the first terrace weekend is coming ahead of us, and our feet naturally start to itch for the dancing season, we have put up a shortlist of festivals not to miss this upcoming spring season. Pack your bikinis, ski suits and bag packs, get your plane tickets because the festival is about to kick in and it’s set out to be a strong one! #5 Primavera Sound Crosscutting between a range of genres, from indie-rock, grime to house and techno, Primavera Sound since its launch remained probably the most influential festival in the Catalan capital. Usually a spring festival, this year is pushed ... Read more

Interview: Roman Flügel

To understand or in any way wrap your head around who is Roman Flügel would be a difficult task. As he rather speaks through his artistic endeavor than his public persona. He doesn’t shock, doesn’t shout or confront anyone with his presence. Thus, it does make it a special occasion to round a set of questions with Roman Flügel; about his perspectives, Frankfurt as an inspiration, recent album or naming the one-off special dance scenes in the world. After over two decades’ worth of credits, including plenty of works across and beyond the genre borders, Roman is now recognized as ... Read more

The Sound of Rome in 10 Tracks by DJ Red

What do you know about the techno sound of Rome? What do you know about Rome? Just like in the eyes of Fellini or Sorrentino, for us Rome associates with beauty and hedonism and since the day the Romans built the city was they referred to it as a woman. Therefore, we were tempted to ask a Roman at birth, resident of one of Rome’s finest dance club’s – Goa Club to tell us about the sound of Rome. In addition there is a certain aesthetic appeal to the techno sound of this city being narrated by the talented redhead woman of Rome – DJ Red. But ... Read more

Premiere: Few Nolder – Balance (Original Mix)

Gets you unexpectedly – is the best way to describe ‘Balance’, coming from the Lithuanian talent Few Nolder. This track that astounds with a masterful meltdown of basslines, but mostly that sneaky excellent break, and to our view, is very likely to go down straight into those peak-of-the-night moments. It certainly rounds up this year with an explosive finishing. Producing music for over a decade, Few Nolder has been steadily growing his international recognition, releasing on Planet MU, Ghostly International, Connaisseur Recordings and Needwant Recordings. However even closely following the development of his sound, it is obvious ‘Balance’ sounds like nothing he has been done before and could have easily landed on any major ... Read more

Lotgenoten NYE Party Transforms Amsterdam’s H7 Warehouse To A Hippie Temple

Lotgenoten (a.k.a. Liefhebbers – lovers in dutch) a party organiser well known by the locals for its party series in Ruigoord – a former faraway church transformed into a dancefloor – has taken a challenge to unite people for a beautiful flowery ending of 2016.  After debuting with two successful showcases during ADE  (with AUS Music & Crew Love: Tom Trago, Boddika, Dimitri From Paris, Soul Clap & more), Lotgenoten (aka Liefhebbers) is symbolically taking over the H7 Warehouse and pledges to transform the industrial into an ‘intimate temple of sound and color’. The theme of the night “2016: Peace Out” will ... Read more

What Happens When Man Power Interviews Moscoman

Kindred spirits: that’s the best way to describe the connection shared by Man Power and Moscoman. Sure, there are many similarities between the two musicians: their rise, their approach and their current unavoidable statuses. Their shared deep groove and spatial, cosmic signatures in their sound. They’ve both released debut albums and launched labels in the last two years. They’ve both been spotted on ESP Institute and appear on Man Power’s Album Remix EP on Correspondent as Moscoman has remixed ‘Beilsteiner’. But the link goes deeper than career parallels and shared releases: both have deep seeded connections with their home cities ... Read more

This Tiny TS Synthesizer Is The Size of A Credit Card

Step it up Roland, competition is in town! Who needs a smartphone app to be able to make music on the go, when you can take carry around a syntheziser in your pocket? No seriously this awesomely cute synthesiser is so small you’ll probably lose it in the back of your sofa. Tiny TS with a 1-octave keyboard, that fits into your wallet, is an absolute must have for anyone from a proper synth-head to that about-to-get-his-break-through composer! It’s entirely open sourced and, just like your dream girlfriend’s bust x waist, goes by the measures of 100 x 65, just in millimetres. But what is best, ... Read more

The History Of Amsterdam Nightlife Through 4 Seminal Hotspots

There’s no doubt that Amsterdam’s nightlife is up there. The city now gets mentioned in the same breath as London, New York, Berlin etc. which is pretty impressive considering it’s size. Thanks to the city’s progressive attitude, we seem to be in a good place which is more than can be said for many cultural capitals. London and New York in contrast seem to be stifling their nightlife and pushing out creativity in favour of gentrification and commercial development. It hasn’t always been plain sailing for Amsterdam though. Like any city, clubs come and go as do musical movements and scenes. ... Read more

Premiere: Moby – Natural Blues (Johannes Brecht Remix)

Moby’s legendary Natural Blues has seen many remixes so far, however none of them so far captured the carrying feeling of the ethereal gorgeous tune and give it the perfect rhythm to dance those Natural Blues Away. But before introducing our today’s premiere, the song’s remix by the talented Johannes Brecht, let me first go back to the original release, in 1999. “When Play was released, I kind of thought my career was over,” Moby once said talking about the album, of which a number close to 20 million of copies has been sold around the world. As before the world went berserk ... Read more

Large Scale Trials of MDMA Approved for Medical Treatment

That MDMA is not just a party drug we knew all along. But this week held a huge victory for those fighting for legalisation of drugs like MDMA, LSD and marijuana for the medical use. After a set of successful preliminary trial treatments, the DFA (Food and Drug Administration) is moving forward with a large scale study for using Ecstasy as prescription drug to cure post-traumatic stress disorder. Furthermore if the results are favorable, MDMA would be available to medical patients as early as 2021. The first six initial studies were treating 130 PTSD patients with MDMA, among whom – veterans, victims of sexual assault, police officers and firefighters. Patients on avergage ... Read more

Opinion: The Democratisation of Music or What Happens Now Everyone’s a DJ?

New advancements in DJ and equipment are now hitting us on a daily basis. Pioneer has just this week released an iPhone version of their WeDJ app which allows users to play at being Carl Cox on the morning commute or make believe they’re Adam Beyer whilst on the bog. Of course, this progression was inevitable. Everybody wants to be a DJ and the technology available makes it easier and easier to become one. Where once you had to spend a load of cash on equipment and spend a load more time figuring out how it worked (without the help ... Read more

Google Launches Its Own Music Fest in 5 US Cities to Support 5 Charity Causes

With the fist event coming up just this week, Google is launching its own music festival, describing it as the “first-of-its-kind livestream festival”, called GOODFest. The big G names the goal festival bringing together “music, community and tchnology”. GOODFest will be aimed at raising money for 5 different non-profits working on 5 causes through tickets and online fundraiser aaaaand to promote Google’s new phone Pixel. In a PR statement, Google presented the festival as: “GOODFest is a celebration of progress, positivity, and the power of people to push the world forward. In five livestreamed shows, we’re bringing together music, community, ... Read more

Opinion: Artificial Intelligence and How It Will Change Music Production

In the future we will be listening to music produced by Artificial Intelligence (AI), like it or not. However harsh and uninspiring this statement might sound, don’t jump into conclusions just yet. Yesterday, 24th Nov, BPI held a conference “Music’s smart future”, where the main theme analysed to the bone was AI and it’s impact to the music industry. Therefore, as this topic is something we wanted to touch down since long ago, it presented us with the perfect occasion. 2015 and 2016 has seen the rise of the use of AI in music making, research and general investment, claimed BPI in their ... Read more

10 House DJs Who Used To Make Hip-Hop (including a playlist)

Hip-hop and house music are a lot closer than you might think. Sure, they occupy very different cultural spaces and from a commercial standpoint and the two industries work in very different ways. From a creative perspective they are also two very different disciplines both in terms of production techniques and the way in which they are traditionally played out. Still, the origins of both genres share a lot in common. And guess what, a surprising amount of well known house and dance music DJs started out by doing hip-hop beats, some even still do both. Here we take ten key ... Read more

Awakenings Presents Their Most Selective Line-up for It’s 20th Birthday Celebration

March, 2017 will mark 20 years since now the historical techno music festival of the Netherland’s, Awakenings, organised it’s first with their edition in 1997. To commemorate the occasion, 5 nights and 1 day in the coming April the Gashouder will again breathe in the techno spirit. As the festival will be throwing up 20 Years Anniversary with the most selective line-up of their closest most admired musicians, needing no further introduction. What became now the largest and best-known techno festival in the world started off at the good ol’ Gashouder in 1997 with barely seven Djs on the lineup: Godard, Angelo, Nick Rapaccioli, Billy Nasty, ... Read more