Author: Jesse Rodriguez

Good friend of the Deep House Amsterdam movement based out of sunny Miami. He is rooted in the 90's hip-hop and sampling culture but it was his pursuit for something new and original that got him into underground house and techno these past couple of years. Currently trying to juggle a professional career with vinyl collecting and getting a local promotional group up and running.

Exclusive Interview With Navid Izadi

Hailing from San Fransisco, Navid Izadi makes it an art to combine multiple influences in his music, his earlier experiences constantly resonating through his productions. But his creative output doesn’t stop there. Besides Dj’ing and producing groovy tracks, Navid Izadi has done a few vocal features on tracks from the likes of Soul Clap and PillowTalk. He  writes all of the lyrics himself, by the way. Last week we had a mix by the American talent, this week part II in his instalment: an open-hearted interview with Navid, covering subjects like his inspirations, his hometown San Francisco and performing live. So we definitely ... Read more

Exclusive Interview with PBR Streetgang

The name of this Leeds based duo, PBR Streetgang, is a reference to a late 70’s American war movie by the name of Apocalypse Now. Their interest in the 70’s can be clearly heard in their music as well. Disco and other early forms of house make up most of their productions and DJ sets. When they earned an Ibiza residence at We Love Space in 2010, they found themselves taking giant steps in their careers and they have not slowed down since. “If we told you that it would spoil the magic. seriously though we can’t say, it could ... Read more