Author: Tobias Ruiter

Musical curator of DHA

Premiere: Mufti – Cold Relic (Freudenthal Remix) [Rotten City]

Rotten City welcomes Mufti for his first release on the label. The producer from Guadalajara (Mexico) previously released on Ombra, Relish, and Her Majesty’s Ship. He offers us on this occasion two original tracks combining his club flavour with new wave, electro, disco, and rock sounds. The remixes by German Freudenthal and Spanish Silicodisco complement the EP by going even more straight to the dance floor than the originals. We are not tired of his demons and we know the night is closer! Mufti – Cold Relic EP [Rotten City] 1. Cold Relic 2. Art Of Silence 3. Cold Relic (Freudenthal ... Read more

Daniel Monaco – DHA FM Mix #462

Daniel Monaco is an Italian Musician Producer & DJ with releases on Bordello A Parigi, Slow Motion & more, constantly working on new music in his studio outside of Amsterdam. His alias Disco Mortale is directed towards more edgy and obscure productions. He started his music career as a professional bass player and toured with big acts before becoming a solo artist. Daniel eventually manifested a fascination for Obscure Italo Disco, Dark Disco, Acid House 90s Trance & Techno, EBM Library Music that can be heard in his various Dj sets & productions. It’s something he calls a Cosmic Combination. ... Read more

Premiere: David Jackson – Airport Disco [Frank Music]

DJ/Producer David Jackson is releasing another quality EP on Frank Music, called ‘Airport Disco’. The lead track, which we are premiering today is already awarded ‘Hottest Record’ by Annie Mac on BBC Radio 1. It’s the second release on Frank Music, after his first EP ‘Broken Heart’ got released a year ago, which was our introduction to this talent. Just born in the heydays of the ‘Airport Disco’ David provides us with the future of Italo Disco and beyond. Mr. Jackson makes music for mirror balls, strobe lights, fog machines, and Richard Long sound systems. The title track ‘Airport Disco’ ... Read more

Premiere: Billy Bogus & Outtake – Cobra Verde (Hard Ton Vocal Mix) [Le Temps Perdu]

North and South Italy met to experiment with something new, coming to this ‘Apocalisso’ EP including versions by Hard Ton and Daniel Monaco. The Year of Fear – as we call it not without irony – has also been a source of inspiration during the lockdown through old movies on TV. That’s how producer Billy Bogus (Modena) – a serious movie junkie and OST digger – while leading his own cinematic corner Night Movie on the fashion blog “Beat to Be” virtually met Vincenzo and Christian from Outtake (Naples). They began discussing the rising menace of the Covid-19 like it ... Read more

Premiere: Ivory – Time Lapse [microcastle]

Microcastle’s third offering of 2020 welcomes Ivory back to the label for a new EP. Based in Milan, Italian artist Daniel Tagliaferri aka Ivory brings a surreal beauty to his innovative brand of electronic composition. As a perpetual favourite of Adriatique, Ame, Dixon, Lehar, Tale Of Us, Toto Chiavetta and Trikk, Ivory made his microcastle debut in July of last year with ‘No Scale Can Resize You’. Rising to #1 in Beatport Indie Dance and Melodic House & Techno, the release received praise from both his contemporaries and fans alike. Carrying momentum forward, 2020 has yielded significant creative successes for ... Read more

Premiere: Rose Ringed – Out Of Sync [Closed Eyes Recordings]

Rose Ringed 11th EP already on Closed Eyes Recordings. ‘In Times of Disbelief’ EP contains 3 signature high energy tracks from the Amsterdam producer. The overall concept of this EP named “In Times of Disbelief” is inspired by the incredible changes in the world of the last months. People are fearful, governments are in crisis and the world has come to a stop, all these changes feel surreal and put many people in a state of distrust. The tracks are the base of these feelings and concepts. The first track named “Out of Sync” follows a strong arpeggiated mono synth ... Read more

Premiere: Mia Mendi feat. Thomas Gandey – Cultum [Hydera]

Hydera is the brand new concept label from Mia Mendi that kicks off with its first release from long-time underground dance titan Thomas Gandey in collaboration alongside the imprint’s hardworking bosses. Where better to start this sensual trip than with ‘Cultum’ opening the new label’s catalogue. A futurists record of deep electronica with equally organic and progressive production from the trio launching the newly born sonic temple. An unforgettable arpeggio lead melody lights up and keeps hands held high longing for more. Gandey’s vocals and electronic nuances add fire and soul to make this one truly distinct and stand out ... Read more

Premiere: Christian Löffler Reworks Beethoven for Deutsche Grammophon

Christian Löffler has reworked four Beethoven tracks from original 1920s recordings of his pieces.The release, which comes through Deutsche Grammophon, comes as the world celebrates the 250th anniversary of the birth of Beethoven. Invited by the German label, Löffler set about reworking the four tracks earlier this year. While many musicians might have trembled at the task, Löffler began to work his way through the recordings and searching for connections with his own sound. “I was just following my ears choosing them. I was searching for parts that really caught my attention,” says Löffler. “I was jamming on my synths or on ... Read more

Premiere: Tunnelvisions – Hyperfocus [Disco Halal]

Following the release of the single of the same name, Dutch duo Tunnelvisions return to Disco Halal with new EP ‘Gold Teeth’, out on Friday 27th November. A three-track release, ‘Gold Teeth’ opens with an extended version of the title track, an infectiously feelgood house number, characterised by driving synths, busy percussion and catchy vocals. Next up, ‘Hyperfocus’ is a slow-burning progressive house cut that unfurls steadily across its six minutes. Closing things out, ‘Heat Wave’ harnesses an old-school house vibe, characterised by deep bass and fluttering percussive elements. Speaking about the EP, Tunnelvisions says: “We’re proud to present you our ... Read more

Premiere: Frankey & Sandrino – XRain [Mule Musiq]

Frankey & Sandrino returns to Japanese cult label Mule Musiq to release a stunning two-tracker with their Boson EP, including Boson and XRain. Frankey & Sandrino’s musical evolution spans one decade, two cities, and multiple genres. Following an of years of touring the globe with their incendiary live sets, the German, Essen, and Berlin-based artists and founders of the record label Sum Over Histories return to Mule Musiq to release their Boson EP, a sublime and eery production inspired by the freneticism of physics. Frankey says: “The name Boson is a reference to the Higgs boson particle, produced when millions ... Read more

Premiere: Daniel Monaco – Olympics [Inflect Records]

The debut various-artist compilation entitled ‘Arche’ (the ancient Greek word for ‘origin’ or ‘beginning’). It represents a beginning, the opening cannon in the Inflect Records’ artillery. The tracks themselves originate in the present but also represent times gone by, a showcase of colourful storylines which are open to interpretation to evoke a personal emotional expression. Daniel Monaco ‘Olympics’ provides a fetching melody and groovy disco drum fills that will leave you uplifted and remain on your mind all day long. A track that combines old-school disco elements with newer ‘chuggy’ Italo exports, creating a unique blend of deep gritty rhythms. ... Read more

Premiere: Lehar – Ode [Chorus Records]

The third release on Marcus Worgull’s Chorus Records comes from Italian “New Romantic” epigone Lehar.  The rarefied Gregorian chants create the perfect setting for Lehar’s “Ode” which develops in a melodic and rhythmic crescendo pushed by a mantric bassline. A skilful work of dosing the dynamics of the sounds helps to create a series of suggestions which make “Ode” a journey perfectly enjoyable both on the dance floor and on more intimate occasions. Premiere: Lehar – Ode [Chorus Records] Release Date: 27-11-2020 // Buy here FB SC IG [soundcloud url=”” comments=”true” auto_play=”false” color=”8cd3f6″ width=”100%” height=”166″]

Premiere: Auggië – Distrikcat [Borders Of Light]

Auggië delivers a stunning 4-tracker EP on Toto Chiavetta’s label ‘Borders Of Lights’. Auggië is a DJ and producer from Milan. With his eclectic and experimental approach, he creates warm harmonies using his first love, the guitar, and other analog instruments. He also implements metallic and acid high-pitched sounds to diversify and keep things fresh. His curiosity leads him to the search for continuous palpable emotions to transmit, which he certainly does on this EP for Borders Of Light. The track we are premiering today ‘Distrikcat’ has been highly supported by Trikk. Label boss Toto also included it in his stream for ... Read more

DHA FM Mix #461 by Marcel Vogel

Marcel Vogel is a German DJ and Producer living in Amsterdam, widely known for his labels Lumberjacks in Hell and Intimate Friends. You will no doubt have spotted Marcel Vogel’s handiwork steering the good ship Lumberjacks In Hell, or perhaps even his choice edits under the Em Vee banner, but increasingly the Dutch artist is turning to his own name to get some fine records laid down outside the realms of pure edit territory. Amsterdam’s Lumberjacks In Hell celebrates its 10th anniversary with a star-studded, heat packing 2×12″ compilation, that sits amongst the highpoints of the label’s releases over the ... Read more

Premiere: Psycho Radio feat. Klin – Screen Sinking (Adana Twins Remix) [Multinotes]

Psycho Radio was born in 2002 from an idea of the Italian producer Daniele Tignino with the support of several collaborators such as Pat Legato, Da Lukas and british singer LC Anderson. They burst in the music scene with an innovative sound that took inspiration from the 80’s new wave, funk and electro grooves. Tracks like ‘In The Underground’ (record of the year in UK 2002) and ‘Right Stuff’ brought a breath of fresh air in those years, and they still sound very actual today. Psycho Radio is back and brings his “dark punk discoish” mood to Multinotes by presenting ... Read more