Author: Vlad Hatze

owner of Trick Track Records

Exclusive Interview With Tom Findlay (Groove Armada)

Tom Findlay is one half of grammy-winning super duo Groove Armada. But next to his efforts in the well-known project, which has recently turned from ambient to house and deep house music, Tom has also done a lot of work in his solo career. We asked Tom about GA’s summer, their old work and his contribution to the latest Late Night Tales compilation. Born in the last third of the 20th Century, Tom discovered at a very young age that his life would be defined by the obscure funk and soul 45” discs that he’d play non-stop. Throughout his youth, ... Read more

DHA & The Boom Room Present: Route94 In The Mix For DGTL

ADE is slowly creeping under our skin and we’re skipping past the last week. Today’s podcast is a Paradise Special, featuring this year’s acclaimed DJ/Producer, Route94. Jamie Jones’ Paradise concept comes back to ADE for its second time and promises to bring the raunchy, groovy style of Hot Creations in the wake  of DGTL. On October 17th the likes of Jamie Jones, Magda, The Martinez Brothers, Deetron and Route94 amongst others will smash the NDSM docks. As many might resemble it to the main route in the UK, Route94 is actually the DJ pseudonym of London based Rowan Tyler Jones. ... Read more

Exclusive Interview With H.O.S.H.

Despite Berlin’s ambiguous allure of house and techno, Germany embraces a more transcendent side of electronic music where lower bpm’s and emotions texture its own music persona. Numerous labels and artists portray the everlasting sounds and among those lines, Diynamic has crafted its own autograph on todays dance music. H.O.S.H., real name Holger Behn, is one of Hamburg’s key dance music personas and is considered the showpiece of the label he’s representing. Throughout the years, H.O.S.H. conveyed the city of Hamburg into his own musical playground, a place where he magnets his inspiration by giving house music some flavour to ... Read more

Sankeys Awards Winners Revealed

As the while isle of Ibiza is about to close its doors for the summer, Sankeys, one of islands most prominent club will draw a line to this season with its first underground Award Ceremony. It’s hard to argue the fact that this years season of Sankeys Ibiza pushed the limits of the island making it one of the most prominent venues in Ibiza Kicking things off the inimitable David Vincent, opened up the night delighting the busy audience with a great amusing and insightful half hour talk about the history of Sankeys, where it all came from and the vision ... Read more

Kaleidoscope Is Back For Another Round With Deep House-Flavoured Line-Up

As dance music and the contemporary deep house sound progressed over the past couple of years, Utrecht too rose to the expectations of the clubbing scene in Holland. In the right terms and a set vision to exploit, Kaleidoscope brought a fine example to the city of Utrecht. This edition of Kaleidoscope again finds its way onto the immense forecourt that is Central Studios. Located near the city center. In layman’s terms, the event sees two dissimilar rooms, prompting eminent artists both home-grown and international. For their second round, the organizers promise a high allure of music intertwining perfectly with a ... Read more

Report: Straf_Werk Festival

As Amsterdam plowed through merely a dozen festivals this past summer all of which with immense line-ups, perfect weather and people buzzin’ with the excitement of the fresh air, the end of August meant one thing and one thing only: it was time for one of Amsterdam’s fastest growing brand to leave its mark as Straf_Werk Festival was about to open its gates for the second time. We found ourselves walking towards a remote location, closing in to the suburbs. It’s a place in Amsterdam that breathes tranquility and peace. On this particular August day that was radically changed when ... Read more

Exclusive Interview With Finnebassen

“I want my listeners and the crowds I play for to feel something.” Finnebassen is one of the perfect examples that any bedroom producer can climb onto the dance music scene and preserve a status quo. Ever since his release “If You Only Knew” on ElectroniqueUK back in spring 2012, Finnebassen acclaimed the international attention as the track climbed the tops and charts for the entire summer. Soon enough the Norwegian’s sound absorbed the ears of labels like Noir Music, Defected, Get Physical Music, Culprit, Supernature or Poesie Music. Even the white Isle of Ibiza got mesmerized by his sound ... Read more

Seth Troxler Brings “Big Tittie Surprise” to ADE

Every group, gang, gathering and even a large scale industry has its own charismatic or joker like personae. In the case of underground dance music, its name is none other than Seth Troxler. After this year’s already famous J.E.S.u.S boiler room session, where the goofs of the goofs got together for one purpose; to have fun and blast music to our ears. Seth Troxlers imagination overcomes any boundaries. With his viral promo for Eastern Electrics and launching 3 record labels, all of which have their distinct sound, it was time to twist his imagination once more, only this time it ... Read more

Loveland Festival 2014 Report

Summer’s end is upon us, but the dutch won’t give up on their summer so easily. August is one of the busiest months when it comes to open air festivals. After seeing and reading about the three days of Dekmantel, it was time to turn our eyes and ears towards one of Holland’s pioneering dance music organizations. Established back in 1995, Loveland to this date maintained their vision of bringing people together through love and music in a formatted environment. Over the past weekend, the lake by the Sloterpark transformed into a playground for music crusaders where music and nature secured the ring for ... Read more

Free Download: Womack & Womack – Teardrops (Jonny Cade Edit)

With the reshaping module of house music, Jonny Cade quickly became noticeable due to his mature approach towards house music. Sharpening and modeling today’s house scene, the Leeds based producers brought onto his sound influences range from garage, old school house and even techno. Not only that his productions touch various aspects and edges of dance music, as well as his DJ sets that confine in dance music encyclopedia. Firstly residing in the Leeds club Flux, Mr. Cade’s sound spread like fire throughout the UK as his releases on notorious labels such as 2020 Vision, Morris Audio, Lost My Dog ... Read more

Full Premiere: Terence Terry & Hanfry Martinez – Cornelius is Gaye

Robotic sounds haven’t saturated enough dance music today that is why their reappearance is always upgraded with each coming season. As artists and labels gaze towards a symbolic outline of sounds, others hatch out of the unknown with imminent perception of the picture-perfect resonances. In the case of La Vie En Rose’s inventor, Terence Terry, his vision acts in accordance with the unexpected. Terence Terry founded La Vie En Rose back in 2011 as his made-believe understanding of the clubbing scene did not suffice his expectations. French by origin but attached to the while isle, the label endorses the unfound ... Read more

Black Coffee Brings The African Spirit Into Avicii’s “Lay Me Down”

The famous EDM producer Avicii got into an artistic musical tangle with one of South Africa’s biggest electronic music producer in the last decade. A masterful at afro-house and 2/4 sounds, Black Coffee crafts soul and the African traditions through a futuristic conduit. Black Coffee reinterprets “Lay Me Down” back grounding the abundance of clichés found in the original. Despite your expectancy, the remix is not as soapy as some might suppose. The nature of Africa overcomes dubbed percussion as trampling bass cords tighten the original vocals. The track embodies Africa’s life and the pattern of rituals, all of which ... Read more

Reddingsfest Podcast #01 by Medlar

Every clubber dreams of ticking off at least one boat party in his life time. As the media exhibits music that’s present on a different platter as being highly refreshing much like an early morning rave, Reddingsfest ‘s intentions portray just that much needed late summer pick-me-up. At its third edition, Reddingsfest combines the warmer side of house music with grooves of house, disco and the all classical boogie down that will keep its ravers happily entertained for the course of the journey. Boarding will take place behind Central Station and by 2 PM the already common, all hands on ... Read more

Beach Clubs in Holland Forced To Shut Down Due to Presence Of Drugs On their Premises

The summer in Holland, electronic music wise, revolves around two main aspects: day festivals like Straf_Werk, Loveland, Amsterdam Open Air and events by the beach that take place every Sunday from early May until late September. The Whoosah, Karavaan and Woodstock 69 bring you a Sunday refreshment much like a work out, where music and warm weather are the leading factors.  These past couple of weeks over by the beach clubs in Scheveningen – the place where over 5 beach clubs hosted regular electronic music event every Sunday – things took a turn to the worst as one of its clubs, Karavaan ... Read more

Straf_Werk Festival Stages: Trappenhuis

With an immense line up announced a while back, plans are in motion for this year’s edition of Straf_Werk Festival and we find ourselves right in the middle of it. We’re digging deep into the stages at Straf_Werk Festival to assure that you’ll fully be aware of the surrounding sounds and melodies during the entire festival. The festival is rounded up with a total of four stages and since the wait is almost over we’ll tease you just a bit more. The third stage of Straf_Werk Festival oaths its visitors to a tireless mind activity accompanied by sound and bizarre ... Read more