The sleepy town of Utrecht will be getting a wake up call as a new club under the name BASIS opens its doors. With a distance of 40 kilometres South-East from Amsterdam,  so far many Utrechters have chosen to go to Amsterdam for their nights out. However, this doesn’t stop Jorn Lukaszczyk and Joost Holthuizen from setting shop there (or should we say setting club).

Equipped with a space literally underground, the founders of BASIS are using their experience from for example the Nachtcollege organization, to create the new club. A good room, with good music, with a good soundsystem and with good people is the simple equation that BASIS will be chasing. We had a quick chat with Jorn about what’s coming up, and what their aims for the new venue are.

Hi Jorn, how are things going? I bet you and Joost are super busy at the moment.
Yeah, we are very busy in the preparation. As we speak they are totally renovating the club. All the previous interior has been removed and this week it’s time to install the new interior. Furthermore we are very busy with the programming. All the line-ups for the upcoming period are in the final phase.

So you two are refitting the space in which the Lux club used to be. I heard both of you have some history with Lux. Did you always have aspirations for the space? Is it a special place for you guys?
We never actually worked for Lux. I myself have worked for Poema, right around the corner from Lux. Furthermore I am part of the organization of Nachtcollege, which is also held in Utrecht. But of course Lux isn’t unknown territory for me at all, I have been in Lux many times, but then just to party. During those visits I’ve always been positive about the location and the charm the building has, but I’ve always had different ideas about the looks of the venue. This is one of the things that we focus on in the transformation of Lux to BASIS. An industrial look with heaps of concrete, steel and raw wood.

Everyone is of course interested in hearing about the musical framework of BASIS. What type of stuff would you guys like to see the club feature? Do you have a philosophy behind the bookings?
The club’s name is BASIS, and we chose this name for a reason. We want to go back to the basis. Only our own programming (by this we aim to guarantee quality every night), an awesome soundsystem (VOID), great lightshows and beautiful people. What matters in the end is the music and the people. Because the programming is done by ourselves, we can stay close to the concept we want to live up to. We want to bring artists that have never been on stage in Utrecht before, interspersed with nights where the artists performing have been behind the decks in Utrecht in previous occasions.

Are there any specific clubs in the world that you seek for inspiration when designing this space? What about in terms of the vibe, is there a club that has similar vibe to what you’d like to see at BASIS?
As stated before, it’s all about the music and the people. Because we do the programming ourselves, success or no success is depending on our actions. We are not the only club that does it in this way, but I don’t want to compare BASIS with any other club. BASIS has to be BASIS, a club in Utrecht that does things in its own special way, a new approach in Utrecht’s nightlife.

Nightlife in Utrecht isn’t necessarily so well-known. How would you describe it? Where will BASIS take it to next?
At this moment Utrecht’s nightlife is standing still. Nothing really special happens and in my opinion we miss a new initiative to help Utrecht getting its sparks back. Of course the goal is to make BASIS a place where people from outside of Utrecht go to as well, but the main goal is to show people from Utrecht that they don’t have to go to Amsterdam if they want to have the night of their lives.

You have quite the opening night line up coming. Who all will be playing? What about the future, who can we see dropping by?
The line up for the opening night: Boris Werner, Cinnaman, William Kouam Djoko and Tsepo. Furthermore we have confirmed San Proper, Young Marco, ROD, Clouds, Joop Junior, Interstellar Funk and many more. I hope you can get an impression of the path we want to take. In the end we have the ambition to do allnighters with well established names in the scene as well.

How would you say a good night out in Utrecht goes? Where’s the preparty? What about the afterparty? Any tips to non-locals?
I think the majority of people do their pre-drinks at home, before they enter Utrecht’s nightlife. The most after parties take place at home, where people gather to have a cosy get together after a night out. Considering the fact that BASIS has a 24 hours open permit, it would be great if we could do something with this in the future as well. Maybe we can provide an extra service for people that are still hungry for some tunes early in the morning.

Thanks for the chat, we’ll see you at the opening night!

Check out pictures of the ongoing construction and concept images of the club below.


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