The combination of live streaming and electronic music has been a match made in heaven ever since Thristian Richards and Blaise Bellville aired the first episode of their lovechild Boiler Room. It’s a simple concept, yet immensely effective and exciting, giving people around the world a peek into the electronic music scene both aurally and, above all, visually. The biggest player at the moment is BE-AT.TV, which started out in 2009 and now has six-figure ratings for their live streams each week.

Last week BE-AT.TV has taken a bold new step by introducing a new clubbing concept right in the heart of Amsterdam’s city centre. BEATCLUB, a co-project by BE-AT.TV and a team of Dutch nightlife professionals, will be a crossing between a club, studio and a television station. Here’s how it works: during the week BE-AT.TV will ‘televise’ the sets of different DJ’s that are invited to play at the club, with an invite-only crowd filling up the dance floor, creating an exclusive video-podcast that can be seen live, and afterwards, around the world. In the weekends, from Thursday through Saturday, BEATCLUB will function more as a regular club, with a focus on underground electronic music. There will be livestreams during the weekends as well, only then the Amsterdam crew picks what will be aired and what will not. On their vision of the club, spokesman Coen Tegelberg explains: “We’re not just some club that anyone can book a party at. We like to do most of the programming ourselves, with our minds set on giving exciting new talent a stage.”

beatclub strook

Tegelberg goes on saying that: “you should see BEATCLUB as a permanent ‘performance hub’, an artist hangout where BE-AT.TV and the industry come together to meet and enjoy the finest in electronic music. The club could be having a club night on a Saturday, but in the afternoon a label could be holding a record launch-party, which is streamed on BE-AT. Anything is possible!” He concludes that: “Streaming is the future of electronic music, and right now we are proud to be the front-runner of the movement”.

There is another element that sets BEATCLUB apart from the competition and that’s the Avalon sound system by EAW that is rocking on both floors of the club. EAW is an exclusive brand, their flagship Avalon system is actually only used in Miami and Las Vegas. “The sound is flawless, it’s the next generation of clubbing sound systems”, Tegelberg says. Now I heard Jon Charnis’ set through these speakers last week and I have to agree that it sounds pretty sweet, every frequency seems to be there, especially vocals come across crystal clear, which is quite unique when you compare it to other high-range systems. Combine this with the raw, stripped-down interior with hints of copper and strategically placed ‘Amsterdammertjes’ and you know that these guys have something really special.

Experience BEATCLUB for yourself this Friday where we’ll be throwing the second edition of SUB/FIX. We’ll be treating you to some house goose bumps, with Jonny Cade from the UK behind the decks, together with Dutchies Alexander Valentyn and Lucas Wouters. Don’t forget to bring some serious dance moves with you because it’s gonna be off the hook.

Jonny Cade | Alexander Valentyn | Lucas Wouters

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