Transport to the Ancient Americas on 4 August as The Gardens of Babylon bring their full moon concept – Wild as the Moon – back for another round of music and mindfulness.

Last time, the likes of Thugfucker and Oceanvs Orientalis provided the journey on a magical Sunday night in Amsterdam. This time, the event switches over to a Friday evening and bring four amazing artists, each representing the spirit of the Americas. Leading the way will be masters of the electronic – Bedouin, as a trio of South America’s best also showcase their talents. Spaniol combines his Iberian origins with electro-jungle of the South American heat, while multi platform digital artist, and fellow Brazilian Kurup, brings his unique storytelling approach to world electronic music. Rounding out the night’s sonic tour guides is the Dominican Republic’s Vander, whose groove-laden music traverses the lines between sexuality and romance, perfectly representing a core ethos of Wild as the Moon.

As usual with Wild as the Moon, its home will be Amsterdam’s De Marktkantine, transformed for transport throughout its premises. On site there will be the Burning Market of Curiosities, a secret Shamanic stage hosted by the (equally) elusive Shamanic Movement, performers exuding the feminine energy of its lunar cycle, card readings, energy cleansing, and it all kicks off with a powerful group moon meditation. So, leave the outside (old) world behind and transport back to the New World with another full moon celebration as only The Gardens of Babylon can provide!

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4 August | Wild as the Moon | Tickets | De Marktkantine

Photo Credit: Kaik Photography