Next to being a formidable producer, DJ and, from what we’ve heard, somewhat of a master in the kitchen, Ben Pearce also seems to have his heart in the right place. During all the music, festivities and hedonism in Barcelona commencing this week, the Brit is organizing a football charity event for which he has invited some artists and friends over to come and play some football to round up funds for a children’s cause.

Although the event, taking place tomorrow afternoon, isn’t officially linked to Sonar, you can expect artists on the field that are playing on one of the Sonar and Off-Week parties. A few of the DJs you can expect to see are Jackmaster, T. Williams, Prunk, Ben himself and even some from the Deep House Amsterdam crew. The rest we will keep a secret for now and you can find it out for yourself if you happen to be in Barcelona tomorrow.

You will also see DJs who aren’t trying to tackle their colleaugues and miss the goal, but who are in their natural habitat behind the decks to accompany the matches of energizing beats. Refreshments have also been taken care of: there is a bar where you can get yourself some alchoholic or non-alcoholic drinks. Naturally all the earnings will be donated to the charity.

The charity is called Aspanias, it’s a project that has been set up recently and its aim is to help young kids with motor skill difficulties and coordination disorders by giving them swimming lessons with professional instructors and therapists who develop programs individual to each child’s specific case, with the aim to improve their mobility and ability to do physical activities. The program is run by a reputable foundation and backed by two government associations that select the families in order to make sure that it is actually the ones who need it who receive the help, rather than financially capable families.

So if you’re in the neighborhood, why not stop by and enjoy the scene of out-of-shape DJs sweating their ass off in the burning sun.

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