Betical’s vision on finding their true sound and self.

Betical, is a Paris-based duo of brothers Max and Martin. Following numerous releases on key labels such as Afterlife and recently ‘A Reason’ on Siamese Records, the duo embarks on an exciting new chapter, exploring a sound that blends raw emotions with organic textures and club grooves.

The duo has redefined their sound to stay true to themselves, trying not to follow trends too much, in order to maintain their unique style over time.

“It took us time to redefine our sound in this constantly evolving scene, but we are now confident to say the music we’re releasing today is true to ourselves. We finally understood what brought people to our music in the first place, and how to go with it.”

Max and Martin have taken time to develop their own special sound, delving deeper into their initial inspirations and resulting in a fresh yet nostalgic direction. This new approach emphasizes a blend of club and emotional sounds, reflecting their personal growth and journey. Their dedication has earned them recent support from key artists like Keinmusik and Adriatique.

This new mix showcases this balance, blending rich textures with high-energy beats and grooves to offer a unique and exciting experience. It is the vibrant energy of their DJ sets and includes some of their unreleased tracks that highlight their sound. It encapsulates the essence of Betical’s live performances and their new musical explorations.

We’re happy to have the Betical boys contributing to our mix series, delivering an outstanding mix that will be hard not to dance to once you press play.

Ivory – Futurism
Tripolism, Meera – Whatever We Call It
Roman Kyn, Betical – A Reason
SG Lewis, DJ Seinfeld – Simple Times
Betical, Arper – Back On 74 (remix)
Trikk – Luxo
UNKLE – Only You (&ME remix)
ID – ID remix
Hardt Antoine – I Will
Sailor & I – Tough Love (Betical remix)
Moogle, Betical, Emma Hoet – ID